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Morning All! Sorry I missed saying hi how do ya do yesterday Bud and Lily. I got up early and Stan and I went to the flea market. Very disappointing. The prices are so high you may as well be at any store. I saw an Emeril brand name bacon press at Bed Bath & Beyond on the mainland last week for $10. A similar item in a plain brown box was $9 at the fm. The TV said FL strawberry prices would be down because of a bumper crop in Mexico, yesterday $6.00 a qt. I did get the assortment of bifocals I needed at a great price and you can't beat the mini sugared donuts even tho they are 10 for $2 now instead of 10 for $1.

Came home and watched a little TV then actually took a nap. Rare for me but was glad since we went to dinner with neighbors. We went for the pizza last night. Never had it at John's because we usually order dinners. Sausage and pepparoni toppings, it was great but I left with stomach problems after one large piece. I am determined to get myself on a low acid diet to see if I can get on top of what appears to be irritation/inflammation from the fluid I just had removed.

Bud, stay with the slow and easy. Stan had a bad hip issue this Fall and he overdid after some healing and had a bad relapse. He's o.k. now but took it easy again after the second episode because he couldn't do anything anyway.

Lily, sounds like you had a great day yesterday. Don't know what kind of things you get at Trader Joe's. Never been to one.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hello friends,

Judy the FM sounds disappointing! We are not content unless we walk away feeling like we got the deal of the century are we? I know I am not. I don't know if I mentioned this Judy? You said that NED tolerated Navelbine quite well. I was told by the oncologist that Navelbine is a good maintenance drug for chronic lung cancer. People seem to tolerate it well! I hope so for me too.

We went grocery shopping today. I stocked up on all kinds of gooey good stuff. My weight keeps falling, and I'm at the lowest point, even with chemo the last time. I'd like to not start this chemo lighter than I should be. So I got mni candy bars to freeeze, sherbert, yummy breakfast bars, and more good stuff like that. I have protein shakes that I'll start again if I don't begin to gain a bit of weight too.

The last time I had chemo, when my hair started falling out in clumps, I shaved my head bald. They told me my hair is going to fall out again. I think I'm going to have a girlfriend cut/shave it short all over so it does not have a chance to fall out in clumps. I'll just keep it at an inch or two as long as I can!

Anyway, I'm sleepy at 4:00 so I think a nap is in order! Have a good Sunday evening friends.

Judy in MI

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Judy - sounds like you had a nice Saturday. I love good flea markets, but we don't have one unfortunately. I hope your stomach is getting better. I haven't had to deal with the fluid issue - but still find that pizza can really cause me problems, especially if I don't remember and ask them to go easy on the sauce. I have never been to a Trader Joe's, but we are getting one and from the way people are acting they apparently have quite a following. I hear they have some type of great $2 wine deal, as well as what sounds like some real specialty items. There is one in Redding, which is 2-1/2 hours south, and one in Eugene which is 2-1/2 hours north -- so hopefully it will be a fun addition to our usual run-of-the-mill grocery stores.

MI Judy - It sounds like you have everything in place, and I so admire your positive attitude. I really did not mind losing my hair the first time - but I've though about how I would feel if I were going to lose it again and I hope I could be as good a sport about it as you are. I am keeping you in my prayers.

Bud - am glad to hear you are back fishing - more crappie I hope. I love crappie but just seems like they have disappeared around here. They are fishing for steelhead here now - but seem to be harder to catch with all the new rules they have for what you can and can't keep. I hope your back continues to get better.

KW Judy - have you gotten your new laptop yet? I went out computer shopping and wound up buying myself a new vacuum - and am sooo excited! Trust me - I know how pathetic that sounds. I finally have broken down and figured out I could vacuum better if I used oxygen. I do not have the grace of MI Judy - I can be stubborn enough (i.e. stupid enough) to pass out from lack of oxygen before I admit I can't do something. My husband hooked up a 50-ft hose which reaches about 2/3 of the house. I think most of us are either upright people or cannister people - and I have always been a cannister person. Dragging 50 ft of oxygen tubing, as well as a big heavy cannister and cord behind you without them getting tangled up in knots is obviously a talent I do not have. I very quickly figured out that kicking the vacuum and using language that I would not want my kids to hear doesn't do a thing to fix the problem. The clerks at the computer store were busy, so I wandered into the vac and sewing store next door. By the time I left I had vacuumed the entire store at least twice, and tried out every possible vacuum, but found an upright that I just love!!! Have been happily vacuuming ever since, although I admit the experience is losing a little of its charm. :)

We had snow here on the valley floor last week and this week they are calling for 70 -- weird weather. But definitely nothing like the people in the mid-west/south are dealing with. I hope everyone is safe and enjoying their Sunday.


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Just realized I never turned off my computer so I decided to pop back in.

Judy, did I miss something? Did you already find out what chemo you'll be on and that it will be maintenance? It makes a difference with the hair issue as both Janet and I can attest to. When you are on a prescribed number of chemos and you suffer hair loss, you can shave it and it will grow back in when you finish the chemo. With maintenance that's not the case. Whatever it does, you live with it. In my case, it did not all fall out but thinned significantly and the texture turned to something like Janet described--I think she said a Brillo or SOS pad and that's pretty accurate.

Diane, I was pretty devastated when I learned I was expected to lose my hair again. Then when it did what it did, I was devastated for awhile. But it's like anything else with this cancer thing, you do what you have to do and then grin and bear it. I've just been playing with lots of hats. Speak of grinning, I had to laugh at the picture of you vacuuming with the tangled tank and 50 ft oxygen hose. Don't get me wrong, I know how sad it is (been there/had the 50 ft hose) and am so happy you found a new upright. No, I haven't chosen the computer yet--so many variables to consider. This may be the last laptop I buy.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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