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Joe B


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Ginny, I don't think I knew Joe? But my condolences go out to his family and loved ones. It's my hope that the reason we didn't hear from him here is that he was busy out there living life to the fullest, and making memories. God bless his family.

MI Judy

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I remember Joe B. He surprised us all with the news that his wife was expecting triplets! He was a man of great faith and I remember thinking he MUST have faith to, not only have triplets while battling lung cancer, but to be so overjoyed about it!

My prayers go out to his wife and daughters.

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I remember Joe. I too thought that his life was just so busy that he was spending time emjoying it. So sad to know that he is gone and left those children that he looked forward to so much. I always wonder when someone quits posting. Part of me thinks the best and another part fears the worse. So sorry to hear of another old member passing.

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