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LCSC member "Tiny"


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She was one of the first members of LCSC and an amazing supporter of all our efforts. She was kind and sweet and one of the first to be in the clinical trial for Tarceva.

I realized today, with the post about JoeBs death, that I never posted Tinys obituary.

For anyone who remembers my friend Tiny, here is her memorial.


Maxine was born November 8, 1943, in Enterprise Oregon, to John and Estelle Hall. She moved to Benton City and attended school there. Maxine later moved to Naches and graduated from Naches High School in 1961., She attended Yakima Valley Community College for two years, after which she transferred to Washington State University and graduated with a degree in teaching in 1965. Maxine taught school in Monroe for two years and in 1967 married Bruce Wherry and lived in Yakima until Bruce was drafted into the army in 1969. They lived in Ft. Ord, CA for two years, during which their daughter, Amber, was born., In 1971 they returned to Yakima so Bruce could continue his pharmacy career and in 1974 their son, Craig, was born. When Craig and Amber were both old enough to be in school, Maxine attended Central Washington University to update her teaching credentials for Special Education and began a long career teaching at Moxee Elementary School. In 2000 Maxine and several fellow teachers at Moxee completed a Masters Degree program at Heritage University and all proudly received degrees together., A lung cancer diagnosis in 2002 prompted Maxine's retirement and she and Bruce embarked on a number of memorable trips, enjoying this lifestyle for several years. Bruce and Maxine built a new home in 2005 and enjoyed the comforts and views every single day. After several years of good health, Maxine's cancer returned in 2008. The excellent care provided by Dr. Albert Brady and staff at Washington Hematology and Oncology allowed a satisfying time until her final days were spent at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital.

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I often wondered about 'Tiny' and if she was off on another one of her adventures. Another tragedy. I remember her so well. When did this happen?

You know, Katie, I wonder about so many folks. Wish we could find out how many may be doing. Seems some just sort of disappear. My hope is that they are just doing well and living life. But I do wonder.


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This happened in January.

I wonder about folks too...and in my mind they are off crossing bridges (like in BobMCs avatar), jogging like (Ernie) playing fetch with their dogs (like NED) painting wooden eggs (like FayA) racing a fast car (like DavidA's mustang or NancyB's son) off drinking beer (like Frank Lambs favorite bud and donuts) playing guitar in all the bars (like DonF) or hiking mountains (like in Tiny's avatar) some may be vacationing in Italy (like TS) or enjoying grandbabies (like MoSugar, Vals mom, Bucky, Connie, Leslie, and so many more).... too many to list and I miss them all.

I would like to think those things..... I need to stay away from Google.

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