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Morning All! Am about to get off on my first trip out since last Friday. Hope I haven't already spoiled it. There was some business waiting for me in our office so I decided to do it while Stan walked and got ready to go. I got it done but also got myself very cranky.

I've been eating very little to keep my weight down so we can better gauge if fluid is rebuilding. I think it is, judging by my weight against difficulty closing my jeans--weight not bad, jeans very tight lol. It's really not funny but if I don't laugh I'll cry. That's the bad news, the good news is my hair stopped falling out awhile ago and my eyelashes are growing back. Sounds to me like I'm going to be done with Taxotere soon. Wish I didn't have to wait so long til the next scan but I just had one and it was stable. They told me some time ago that my progression is difficult to measure. That's what got me in trouble last year.

Sorry for my mood but I'll work on it. O.k., I'm going out and looking for an event to pick up my spirits. That could even be the latte I'm craving.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon everyone. It is a beautiful day here in CT, the sun is shining, the crocuses are blooming and the birds are singing! I made it to another spring- God is good!

I have been very sluggish lately. I have no energy and just seem to do what I need to and the crash for the rest of the time. Of course what I "need" to doesn't include cooking, cleaning or laundry, but instead going to the farm, going to the local tavern to sing Sea Chantys, and visit with good friends. I guess my priorities have changed!

Eric, the farm I talk about is called Ray of Light. It is a horse and donkey rescue farm, but we have other farm animals as well (ex. Nasty roosters and cute ducks!) I volunteer there two mornings a week working in their preschool program. I give the little ones a tour of the farm, let them feed the animals, read them a story, do a craft and then they get a pony ride. It is the perfect place for me because preschoolers and animals both make me smile! You can check it out here - http://www.rayoflightfarm.org/

Bud, Congratulations on your daughter's wedding! How exciting - I wish them every happiness!

Tomorrow I have my scans (bone, CT and MRI.) I posted in the general forum about my problems with the technicians using my port, it just adds more stress to an already stressful situation. I usually see my doctor for results the following day, but he is out of town so I have to wait until Tuesday, another stress! I think I will drink a lot of red wine between tomorrow and Tuesday!

I hope the "air" is quiet because everyone is out enjoying this beautiful day!!


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i just wanted to stop in and wish both Judys and Janet good look with your up coming events, treatments and scans. Hope you are feeling better soon Judy KW and that you are wrong about the fluids. Judy MI I sure hope the chemo went well and you are out enjoying your nice weather. Janet maybe your sluggishness has been subconcious thinking about those scans and worrying. I hate that they make you wait so long. You know that they have the results much sooner. I bet they would have a fit if they had to stay on pins and needles waiting.

Bud great pictures of your daughter's wedding. Sounds like it was very nice. Glad that you are getting in some riding. Good luck on the job hunting.

I have been exercising and walking every morning. That pretty much burns my day. I am a morning person and not good at starting things after lunch. I tend to get lazy and want to read or work on my crochet or something. Many things still waiting. There was a time that I would not stop until everything I had planned was done. I never rested. Johnny told me that I needed to learn to relax and take care of myself because I had always taken care of someone else. It took his death and a lot of work mentally, emotionally and spiritually for me to realize that I am important and if I don't take care of me no one will. So now I still like to help out but I do get what my mom would can heart dropsy. My but drops and I don't have the heart to get up.

Eric all I can say is you wear me out just reading all that you do. Can you bottle some of that energy and send it our way?

Well it is late afternoon and exercise Laundry and shopping have taken most of my day. Time to sit and be lazy for a while. I don't think I will have a problem with that. lol

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