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Thursdays Air


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And mighty fine air it is here. The windows are open, and the fresh air is amazing.

If someone beats me to this, please just merge mine in, moderator person! :-)

Chemo went okay. IT was a long day. Wasn't happy with the burning in the vein for about 2 hours, but they said it was normal and would be better once I got the port installed. That is scheduled for next Wednesday.

I didn't have a good night after chemo. R and I got into a horrible argument (his fault of course) and I developed a raging headache. I dozed on and off all night, enough to wake up and say "yep, the headache is still there" and then sleep again. Today after a light breakfast and hot shower, it seems to be much better, so I don't think it was chemo, but rather high blood pressure and angst.

I was surprised to wake up at 4:00 with nausea so soon. They really thought I wouldn't need anything for nausea, but I was slamming that Compazine as soon as it started. It's much better now. AGain, I think having a little bowl of cereal and a yogurt for breakfast staved it getting worse. I do remember that when I let myself get hungry the last time, that it was worse. So I'll try to discipline myself to eat small but often now.

Other than that I'm okay. Still trying to adjust to the oxygen and tubes. Does anyone know of any tricks to train the stupid dogs from contstantly standing on it. I get up to go and my head gets yanked backwards because of them. I swear my ears will be lower as a result of this!

All I can say is that life sure does make wild twists and turns when we least expect it. It tells me to just enjoy each day for what it has, and let go of the bad.

Funny this morning, I couldn't find my wedding ring. I think I went all over the house for like 10 minutes looking for it. I take it off to put lotion on as my hands feel so dry since I got out of the hospital. AFter searching high and low, I gave up thinking it's bound to show up right? AS I sat here catching up on emails and posts, I look down and found it! Right on my finger where it was the whole time!

Oy! IT's too soon for chemo brain! LOL.

I'm going to find a way to get outisde and enoy this weather. IT's spectacular. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

MI Judy

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Does anyone know of any tricks to train the stupid dogs from contstantly standing on it. I get up to go and my head gets yanked backwards because of them. I swear my ears will be lower as a result of this!

Judy - I had to laugh at this - thought I was the only one with that problem!! Unfortunately, no, haven't figured that out yet, but if you do please fill me in. :) Sounds like your first tx went pretty well - I hope the remaining ones go easy for you.

JudyKW - I hope you had a nice outing yesterday and are feeling well today.

Lily - you are making me feel guilty with your exercise. I was doing so well, but then kind of "fell off the wagon" and am having a hard time getting back into it. Like you, I have to do it in the morning, or it will not get done.

Only one day left til Friday!! Have a good day everyone.


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Good evening, everyone!

Hang in there, MI Judy. You're starting your chemo about a month later than I did 4 years ago. I never did get nausea, but the cisplatin really knocked me for a loop. I had days where I stayed pretty much out of it all day. The gemcitabine gave me headaches. Not much fun, I do recall.

I had a good cooking week. I made baked parmesan crappie on Monday. It was the best baked crappie recipe we've tried. I finally got whole wheat bread to come out good in Rose's breadmaker for the first time yesterday. And today, I made a vegetarian gumbo that was surprisingly good. I'm going to make a good housewife yet.

Tomorrow, I'm off to do a 200k ride, the first in a couple of months. Hopefully, my back and shoulder will hold up ok. Guess I'll turn the lights out for today.


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