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This One’s for You Dad / by Beth Westbrook

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This One’s for You Dad

March 16th, 2012 - by admin

by Beth Westbrook

http://blog.lungevity.org/2012/03/16/th ... r-you-dad/

Many folks have a special memory of their dad and I am one of them.

We shared a love of Michigan State University athletics. After a game, it was a race to see who would call the other first and recap the highlights. Sometimes we just commiserated about the loss.

In 2006, when my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, MSU sports became front and center when he wanted to put the cancer on the sidelines. My dad never gave up on Michigan State (even when we knew it was a losing season) and he never gave up thinking he would beat his disease. As the end was nearing, he grabbed my hand and asked me to fight for him and all the others who would have to live with lung cancer. Now it is my turn to give it my all and not give up until no one else has to die from my opponent – lung cancer.

It’s a Slam Dunk – Let’s End Lung Cancer gives me an chance to root for Michigan State University this year and make a difference in the race to raise as much money as possible to support more of the promising research on the horizon. If you have a favorite team in the Big Ten – give $10 today to support this campaign.

Whether you choose to join my team, or create one of your own, this is an opportunity to take an athletic competition and race the clock to win another championship – $25,000 for lung cancer research!

This one’s for you, Dad. And for all us who want to end lung cancer now.

Join Beth’s team or start one of your own!


Beth Westbrook is the Vice President of Development for LUNGevity Foundation. She has ten years of fundraising experience, most of which was accomplished in cancer related organizations, including Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Gilda’s Club New York City and, most recently, the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

In addition to her years of fundraising Beth brings a personal passion to the cause. In 2001, after a courageous two and a half year battle, her oldest daughter Katie died of cancer at the age of fifteen. Two years later her husband, Andy Starnes, fought and won his battle with prostate cancer. When Beth‘s dad, Harvey Walker, passed away from lung cancer last Christmas, Beth realized that this was the arena she needed to be in. It was here at LUNGevity Foundation where she needed to put her energy, expertise and resources.

Beth has become an outspoken advocate for pediatric cancer research, palliative care, and stem cell research. She has been the opening speaker at Duke University and Georgetown University conferences as well as testifying before several Subcommittee hearings in Congress on issues of pediatric cancer research and stem cell research.

A graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Public Resource Management, Beth also obtained her certification to teach Special Education from Central Missouri State University.

Beth, mother of three and step-mother of two, currently lives in Falls Church, VA.

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