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Thursdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Beautiful sunny day today,busy one so far (its gone 3.00pm)gymming and swimming earlier,then off to the Horseshoe Bar for lunch with Jim and co,

did I tell you three course meal from anything chosen from the menu £4.25,($6.70),well now back home, just checking my mail,then its out to the rear patio,having retreived my lounger from its winter hibernation from the garage,to read todays newspapers and get myself a tan to show off in the USA in May.Sun will probably be gone by the time I finish this post.

Indoor bowling at 7.00pm tonight,this finishes for the season next week,so I have only three games left.I have decided to join my friend Bill's, outdoor bowling club whose season starts on the first week in April,which is timely.

Downside of the change in the weather,its back to mowing the lawn,but not today,thinks its been busy enough for me.

Well nothing much more to share with you,just looking ahead to my April diary,its like old mother Hubarb's cupboard,hopefully somethings will come along to fill April's days?,well apart from gyming,swimming,yoga-ing not forgetting bowling.

Still waiting on tenterhooks about the job I applied for,ther front of house,meeter and greeter,think the closing date for applications is the end of March,that would certainly fill some spare hours in April if I am successful.

OK,sunglasses,suntan oil,papers,check,I am off,enjoy the rest of Thursday,bye.

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Good Afternoon!

I can't believe it has been a week since I have visited the "air"!! I have been having an incredible amount of fatique and have pretty much done nothin for the last week or so! I am hoping that now that the sun is out and the weather is warmer, I will perk up! I am also trying to convince my doctor to take me off at least one of my medications, since all of them cause drowsiness and fatique!!! He agrees, just trying to figure out which one!

Part of the fatique problem could have been stress as well, as I had my scanxiety week last week, and then Tuesday the good news - stable - man, I love that word!

This weekend I am off to Boston to see my oldest (daughter) and youngest (son). I haven't seen my son since Christmas and really need a hug from him! I think we are planning on going through the Kennedy Library/Museum. last time we went we went through the house JFK was born in, so we are continuing a theme! I was going to take the train up, but my husband is too worried about me getting too tired, so he is coming along and driving us there.

Ok, like Eric, I have dragged my chaise out to a sunny spot in the yard, and although there is much yard work and house cleaning to do, I shall go sit and crochet.

I hope you are all spending the day doing something that makes you happy too!


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Eric and Janet -- sounds wonderful -- sitting in the sun reading the paper etc. Yesterday it absolutely poured here - and while we get lots of rain, it is usually a drizzle, not a downpour. I actually enjoyed that for a change. Before that it snowed - and may snow again this weekend. Am not sure what is up with this weird weather but I hope it doesn't hang around too long. I was planning to wear a nice spring outfit for Easter, but looks like it will still be wool jackets and scarves.

I know we are all familiar with "chemo brain", but I really thought when chemo was over it would go away. I used to be so organized, and got so much done in a fairly short time - no more. Now it seems like I've got tons of stuff to do, but never quite seem to get much accomplished. Eric, I need a nap after just reading about your day :) Don't know how you do it. I think I've developed "ADHD for seniors" - projects going on in every room, but nothing getting finished.

I am excited about my new refrigerator. Had a side-by-side for years and really didn't like it. Always looked like there was lots of food, but it would all get shoved to the back and wind up getting thrown out when it turned sort of green and fuzzy looking. Decided it was time to get a new one and wanted one of those with the french doors. I'm not sure yet about the bottom freezer, but now I can see all the food. Didn't occur to me it was awfully big for just 2 people - guess I'll have to go buy more food to fill it up!

Well back to one of my many unfinished projects. Hope everyone is having a great day.


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Well, I am ashamed to say that I've been away for more than one week and it seems every time I get ready to try and visit with my friends and share the Air, the phone rings here at work.

The past month has been crazy for me. My oldest son (the attorney) decided to run for County Court Judge here and we had to get 3600 signatures of registered County voters to get his name on the ballot. If we were short of that number, he would have had to pay $8,000.00 just for the chance to get on the ballot and run. Needless to say, we were out and about at every place we thought we could find a crowd. For the last two weeks, I left work at noon and sat in front of a library until 8:00 in the evening. We have several libraries in the area and they rotate on staying late in the evening. The signatures had to be turned in on Monday the 19th by noon and I am proud to say that we made it!!! We even had 487 more than we needed. That was good, in case there were any duplicates or errors.

My boss and his wife are new parents of a beautiful baby girl. This is their first baby. She was born Tuesday afternoon around 1:00. They didn't check into the hospital until after 9:00 Tuesday morning, so things happened very quickly for a first baby. I just talked to him on the phone and he says mom and baby are both doing well. He says the baby sleeps a lot and they have been waking her during the night to feed her. I didn't have the heart to tell him that wouldn't last...lol. I remember seeing my son and DIL a few days after Ella was born. They both had dark circles under their eyes and looked like zombies. I felt really bad for them but I had to smile, remembering those days.

So...in 11 minutes, I'll be running out the door and heading home. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday....my very favorite day of the entire week!!!

Hope everyone has a great evening!!!

Ann in Florida

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