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Need some really Heavvy praying for a Friend of ours!!!


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To all of my oldest son, Mitchell's, family and friends:

He is back in the hospital this evening. He is severely depressed and has lost his will to live. He needs our prayers, encouragement, and support.Mitchell wants and needs visitors and friends while he is at the hospital. If you would like to visit him just message me privately for info or you can leave a message for him to call you at : 865- 970-6321. Plz pray for Mitchell. Jesus loves him and so do we! Thank you all.

This was posted by Kathy, Mitchells Mom! some of you remember Mitchell as Pewjumper from a few years back when his mom was diagnosed with LC and he was a scared young man dealing with some serious weight issues and scared of losing his mom. Kathy had surgery and went on to become NED and remains so to this day! I keep up with both of them on FB and Mitchell is on his second trip in as many weeks almost into the Psychiatric ward for Suicide. HE has dealt with a lot of demons in his life and is fighting a really nasty one right now.

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Thanks, Randy. I hope you can pass my message on to Kathy for Mitchell.

Dear Mitchell,

You are so near and ear to my heart. You found a place there many years ago as Pewjumper when you were advocating for your dear mother. You were working on quitting smoking and I was your biggest cheerleader. You fought that battle and the one with weight and I became even more proud of you. I remain cheerleading for you now, as you deal with yet, one more obstacle standing in your way. I hae complete confidence in you, my friend. Please know that I, and legions of your friends, are here to prop you up and help get you on your way. I am sending many prayers, positive, vibes, and all good stuff I got your way. I'll be waiting to see you post yourself real soon. Remember you are not alone. Kasey

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I have been following Mitchell's story on facebook as well. I sent a message to him when he posted the other day and tried to tell him how special he is and what an inspiration he had been to me. Hope he saw it. I will keep him in my prayers and look forward to him getting well and posting to us again.


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this is an older post.. Not sure how it got dredged up but Mitchell is doing better now. He is out of hospital and with the grace of god He is getting better !! and faster and has gotten his Faith back since that March post!!!

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