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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Beautiful if breezy day in paradise. Hope it repeats itself tomorrow for my outing with the ladies.

Oh, Bud, what a mess that tire was. Good thing you kept control of the vehicle. You guys could have really gotten hurt!

I need to stay off the scale for awhile. I've always monitored it pretty much daily but now a pound gained takes on a new meaning. I can feel the tightening in my abdomen. The fluid builds in the lower part and pushes the bowels and organs up. Sorry, not a pretty picture. I can feel when it starts happening but seeing the numbers climb on the scale is depressing.

Stan's off to town on errands so I've been catching up on the net. Got to do something again now so have a nice day.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening Everyone,

Just about to go to bed,had a really busy day,gymming and swimming,banks and shopping,however finally got to relax late afternoon out in the back yard,soaking up some more of this lovely weather.Scotland is having the warmest March since records began over a hundred years ago,yesterday was 72 degrees F,aparently its a high pressure zone over the UK thats pulling up warm air from North Africa,unfortunately this high pressure zone moves off to the Atlantic on Saturday to be replaced by cold air from the north,so back to my wooly jumpers again.

Just watched the European Cup quarter final between Barcelona vs AC Milan,goaless unfortunately,but great to watch,the game was played in Italy with the second leg to be played in Barcelona next Wednesday,should be exciting.Barcelona has the worlds best footballer playing for them he is called Messi, a joy to watch and only 23 years old,goodness knows what his price tag is just now ,$250 million wouldnt surprise me.

Hi Bud,That is just amazing you have managed to come out of that collision with a ladder on the motorway,with only a seriously damaged tyre,I do hope the ladder has been removed.That really could have caused a more serious accident.

Hi Judy,good to hear you can make the Hope Summit,thats quite a drive in your RV from the Keys to WashingtonDC,Stans bringing a motorcycle too?,how long are you intending to stay?so looking forward to meeting you both.Sorry to hear about this fluid build up problem you have to cope with,its something I just dont understand,where is the fluid coming from?,why does it collect in your abdomen and not be flushed out naturally?.

Wonder how Judy MI is doing today?she has had such a rough time getting over her surgery and chemo,hopefully she can make a full recovery soon as.

Bit quiet in the responses today,come on all you lurkers get your quills out and start writing.I am off to bed goodnight everyone zzzzz.

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