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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Its been so quiet here recently?,anyway,thought I would share a Scottish weather report with you,for the last couple of weeks (almost)we have seen the highest March temperatures ever recorded here (72 degrees F),this morning 6.30am I look out my bedroom window to see falling snow?,Scottish weather, no wonder its always so topical,think I have seen a four seasons in one day here.

Yoga this morning,I woke up early for some reason this morning,despite not getting to bed until 1am,thinking I will go back to bed for an hour after completing this post.Sally was "unwell" yesterday,so for a bit of peace for myself last night I went of to see a movie,gosh for the life of me I cannot remember,its was all very British,Judy Dench,Maggie Smith and Bill Nighy,all about a group of Brits getting together in a Indian Hotel,dont know how it would go down with an American audience? I did have a wry smile to myself as Bill Nighy plays husband in a marriage that has come to the end of the line,his wife mentions to the group of new friends,"this year is our 40th anniversary,still wondering how to celebrate it?" one of the friends suggests a minutes silence,by the way its my 40th anniversary this September LOL.

Wishing you all a great Tuesday,I am off to bed,still snowing outside,oh well, back to looking out the winter woollies.

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Good morning Eric (and anyone else that stops by and says HI)!

As I've written a bit, my internet provider is about to find themselves without my business (yeah, I'll show them LOL). Hoping this new solution will solve my on-line blues. I've been home-bound for the last couple of weeks and it gets lonely when you can't connect on line.

Snow Eric? Isn't it strange the weather these days? We are in the rainy, stormy mode right now, but like you, we can see four seasons in one day as well. So I understand. It does make life interesting.

I witnessed an awesome display of Mother Nature the other day. I was sitting, looking outside, when I saw a beautiful hawk flying as fast as he could, with a tiny little red winged black bird fast on his heels (do birds have heels?). It's a sure sign of Spring here when the little guys take on the great big guys fearlessly as they defend their nests. I always love seeing this as I love seeing the underdog win in any situation.

The great hawk lit on a branch on a tree right in front of my home, and I noticed a little brown squirrel at the base of the tree chattering away at the hawk. The hawk was looking down, and I could almost hear him debating in his little hawk brain, "so do I go for the eggs in the black bird nest, or do I swoop around this tree and come down and grab that yummy squirrel." LOL. He took off from the tree, and I watched to see what he would decide when that little black bird came back at him and drove him off over the marsh where his nest was. It was amazing. I love how God makes stuff like this.

It's been a rough go of it for me. I wrote in LC Survivors index about it and it does not bear repeating. Today I am thankful that a lot of the worst has passed now. I begin my next cycle of stuff this Thursday, but it's good to see the end of Cycle 1 and on to Cycle 2.

I made a calendar with a count down to the "end of chemo" days on it. On the day I started it was 61 days left. On each day I drew pictures or found quotes that correspond with the number associated with that day.

So it's 51 days to go now! God willing. I found something to celebrate on each day to help me stay focused on the goodness of each day and try not to focus on the other.

I'm in the easy days right now. Yeah! I've been so tired I have not driven a car in over a month. In the last few days I've caught up on my sleep and am hoping today is the day I can actually get in my car and drive somewhere. Anywhere!

Wishing good days for all.

MI Judy

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Judy in Mi, I have so much admiration for you. Through out your struggles you have shown so much grace, that is it hard not to look up to you as a way to live life. I am thankful you post as regularly as you do.

Same goes for Judy in KW....you both are such amazing women to give so much of yourselves for others to read about and strive to do as well as you do in just making the most of each day.

Thank you for your posts.

Eric, you are always a ray of sunshine, even if the weather is not so good and Sally is not so "well". I love following what you are up to each posting.

I know I have been remiss in posting myself. Nothing I can say about it. Just know, I follow each of you and pray for all.

Have a blessed day.


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Afternoon All! Today is typical for chemo day. Feeling pretty good with a bag of steroids and a morning pill with an evening to follow. Surprisingly my evening one helped alleviate some serious discomfort that followed a very light lunch that didn't agree with me. Don't know what to expect after today since this is my first Gemzar. Have one more day of the steriod pills though.

Judy, I know what you mean with the hawk story. I love watching the little birds fight off the big. Sounds like it went a bit of a way to alleviate your internet withdrawal. I remember how that used to be. Been fighting my way through this new cancer chapter and don't seem to have the energy or push or what to log on much of the time.

Eric, that weather sounds crazy. Sounds like you are having some serious life change considerations. For now, I hope your eye is on May. I've gotten the dates wrongs I suppose--thought is was 5 & 6 and it's 4 & 5? Not a problem but Stan will have to make an adjustment on the RV sites he booked. He won't be staying in the hotel. I'll explain later. I'll be booking in a day early so maybe we can connect by cell phones and you can meet him when he drops me off. That is, if you are not out gallavanting.

Shirley, good to see you online. Thanks for the compliment. Goodness knows I try but sometime it gets really hard. But I'm a bouncer-backer lol.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Happy 2 days after April Fool's Day everyone.

Little bird - big hawk. I was on the tee box on the golf course (where else would I be) when I was attacked by a hissing goose that was protecting her out of site nest. We had to chase mommy or daddy away with my Calaway Diablo club. They are fearsome.

Last year there was this hawk that thought golf balls were her eggs, is all we can guess. She kept swooping down and trying to pick up her 'eggs'. Took a lot of convincing that they were not her babies.

The only other bird story I have is that the geese leave a lot behind on the course. Enough said. It does improve your dance steps however.

Judys, we all hope that these latest hiccups are only a nudge and that your body adjusts to this assault and is easy on you both.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Yes,me again,like waiting for ages for a bus then three come to-gether.Sally still unwell today,so out and about yoga,drive, finished up at Jennifer's house in Glasgow ,we had a super time to-gether with Chris and the pup Dodger.I hope Sally is well in the morning as she has a appointment with a surgeon to-morrow morning to discuss a surgical procedure to improve her mobility with her femur and pelvis,a new hip joint has already been ruled out due to the femurs poor condition,they are talking about fusing both bones to-gether to reduce the pain she suffers with both bones grating against each other.

Oh, on a lighter note, another good line from the film I saw yesterday,wife's remark to husband "When you want to express an opinion,I will give you one".

Ginny,I think its a wedge for chasing geese.

Hi Shirley,thank you for your comments,please dont be shy in posting,the more the merrier I think.

Hi JudyMI,glad to hear you mentioning you are over the worst,best wishes for the chemo on Thursday.Hope you can make the Hope Summit,I would love to meet up with you,as I am sure so many others here will agree also.

Hi Judy KW,I dont blame you for mixing up 4th and 5th with 5th and 6th,Sat/Sun would have seemed the better option for those poor souls who have to work for a living LOL,well since I will be there fron the 2nd to the 8th,before moving on to New York,the Hope Summmit dates didnt effect me.I do hope to meet Stan,my "American" cell phone number is 804-356-6571,that is if it still works from being lying in drawer for nearly a year.Goodnight all,bye.

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I know it's Wednesday LOL. But had to pop in and thank Shirley for her kind comments, and the fun bird stories. I loved Eric's response to the wedge club for chasing geese! So funny.

Ginny, those geese are big and mean with you go near their nests. I have a funny story from when I was in Sales, years ago. A customer had geese in the pond, and all of us sales people had to walk by to get in to sell our wares. The geese would attack and chase us, for me high heels a clacking and briefcase a slammin'. LOL. I swear the buyers inside were watching and laughing their butts off at us poor sales people. Mean mean mean. LOL

Now that I have internet back, the other company will show up today to offer their solution. LOL. Kind of like when you feel horrid, so you call the doctor and make an appointment, and magically by the time you walk in the door you feel better than you've ever felt in your life! LOL again.

I feel good today so I'm LOLing a lot. :-)

MI Judy

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