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Must be in the genes.


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This isn't about me. It's about my daughter.

Some background: My daughter, Marsha, is from a previous marriage. Her mom and I broke up when Marsha was only 5months old. It was NOT a pretty divorce and I did not have any contact with Marsha from that point until she was 17 years old when she made the effort to get ahold of me. Since that time she and I have formed a very close relationship to the point where she now lives down here in the San Diego area. (My ex-wife and I became friends again through this process).

Marsha is developmentaly delayed with sever ADHD. Though she is 26 years old she has the emotional age of a 14 or 15 year old and is considered fully disabled and is on SSI. I have been her SSI payee since she moved down here from Washington state. She's improved a lot since moving here and that, coupled with my declining health, has brought about the decision for her to become her own payee.

About 5 months ago Marsha moved out of a group home into an independant living invironment. Since she now lives in a place where she cooks her own meals there was SUPPOSED to be a change in her SSI payment. So she trotted down to the Social Security office and put in the change of address and let them know about the change in her living arraingments. The next check comes and there's no change. So she goes down again and again puts in the changes. And, again, there is no change in the amount of her check. So we figure that's the amount she's supposed to get and just continue on as before.

End of background (whew!)

Fast forward to today. Marsha goes to the S.S. office to let them know she wants to be her own payee. In the course of the conversation she asks if the change of address and living situation is in the computer. Guess what? It's NOT! (Now here comes the good part!). Marshe hits the roof!!!! My little 5'2" daughter blows sky high at these clowns. She makes SURE the right address is entered into the computer, makes SURE they call me to verify the changes and then backs them down when they try to claim she's going to have to pay back any overpayments they made due to THEIR mistakes!

Now y'all know *I'm* not one to take bull sh** quietly. And Masha's Mom is no sloutch when it comes to standing up for herself. So it probably shouldn't have come as any surprise that Marsha turned tigress on those poor folks. But I gotta say I was a bit surprised. And I'm VERY proud of the girl! A "chip off the ol' block" she is! :)


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