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Well, it's so strange that this topic, of all topics, is so inactive. I joined this site on April 2, 2010, and up until recently, either opened the AIR windows, or joined in each day. Over the last two years, I've enjoyed getting to know so many that belong to these boards. Hearing about every day lives, activities, and even the weather was very intresting to me.

Most important was the updates on how folks were doing in their journey in life. There are other forums to do this, but since is the most active, I think a lot of us just gathered here each day "to talk". It felt like a family here.

In the last two weeks, I've been in the hospital 3 times because of the rough stuff that this chemo regime is doing to me. I'm not complaining, it just is what it is. They had to delay the last chemo for a blood transfusion, and then they cancelled the chemo regime I was on completely. My body won't tolerate it. So I'm back on the Carbo routine I had before with some Navelbine thrown in there. I am hoping this will allow me to get back to somewhat of a normal life.

One of the things I've missed most in my 3D life is getting in the car and driving. I just couldn't risk it. I didn't know about Hemoglobin, or platelets, or white blood counts, or any of those things. In my journey with this five years ago, I didn't (thank you God) have issues with this. But this time around, those blood issues left me so exhausted that just carrying on a conversation on the phone has left me out of breath and heart racing.

Each day (that I had internet), I'd come here to see what was up with the friends I've made over the last two years. Even if I couldn't write, I knew just reading the antics would make me smile. Well....you know. There's just not been much going on, unless I've missed all the action when I've been sleeping (which has been a lot).

Anyway, today is a new day. In my neck of the woods, the sun is shining again! It seems to be a chronic condition around Michigan lately, and I'm loving it. It's chilly out, but I have the window cracked so I can hear the birds chirping outside. There's a nest cradled into a nook in the corner of the house, and I can see Mama bird flying back and forth, over and over, bringing food to those very loud and hungry little ones. I have to smile when I see their skinny little necks craning out of the nest when they hear their Mom's call.

All around me, the world is waking up from it's long, dreary and brown winter. The lawn is lush and green, the trees flowering in that pretty way they do this time of year. My tulips are in their full glory, sharing the sun with the dafodils next door. It's just incredible to watch from my perch on the chaise lounge next to the window.

There is some kind of mini apple tree outside the window that is pregnant with it's blossoms, and if I look close I can see about ten thousand big, fat bees just buzzing their brains out. I never watched this close before, but I did this time and I see them come in with their bee legs hanging down, and when they leave those legs are covered with this yellow fuzzy stuff that I guess is the pollen they need for their nests? What a marvelous discovery - and I wonder how I missed that all these years on this earth? LOL.

Wishing you a beautiful day today!

Judy in Michigan

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Hi Joppette -- hope the new cocktail will quickly set you back on the road to recovery! Re the lack of news,I don't know id this has anything to do with it or not, but I have noticed an enormous amount of spam on "Daily Air" and when the spam is cleared off, so are all the other messages on the board. This might explain why there seems to be so little "Daily Air", since the whole set of messages is cleared, apparently, when the spam is cleared. Hopefully these spammers will shortly give up and leave some room for the legitmate posters! Take care, I am sending you my warmest thoughts for your recovery.

Trawna (Jane)

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I can deal with small amounts of spam to delete but not this much and Katie has been contacted. I sent here a FB message already because she can delete mass spam in single stroke . I have to go step by step. they have all been banned by IP and also by name to be safe from them. both were posting when I checked in today. It never ends. I do this every day almost every time I check in here 3 or 4 times a day. weather is awesome and mom is catching a nap so just hanging out for now!

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Jane and Randy,

Thanks for letting me know! See? There you go! I've missed all the action (spammers) and slept through all of it.

Well, that does not erase the sentiments that I wrote today about the beauty of today and how much I'm loving it from my perspective these days.

MI Judy

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waiting on Katie to finish the mass delete probably tonight ... too much it would take me about an hour probably with all the steps involved and she does it in about 5 minutes or less!

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Good Evening Everyone,

Weather today cold and wet,I have stayed at home since my return from gymming and swimming this morning.Both my gym buddies were absent today,so I missed the best part,sitting in the hotel after our exercises sharing a blether and a coffee (the bacon roll is off the menu now that I am seriously on a diet LOL)My buddy Jim had a op last Wed to remove two ingrown toe nails,since he has type2 diabetics,his absence from the gym may be prolonged until his toes heal.

I had a super easter,Friday,I went to my sister Irene's home,she was looking after Max,we had planned a visit to a country park in Ayr,that could keep Max amused since it has a zoo and adventure play area,alas it was too wet and cold,instead we went out for a meal,then a visit to the cinema to see The Pirates,it was very good albeit I fell asleep mid way through,guess it was the meal to blame?.

Sunday ABC,lovely easter service,minister Ross was in attendance,but not leading the service,his chemotherapy continues for his brain tumour,he is so buoyant I so admire him,an example to us all.Pm up to my other sister Dot,Jaqueline was there with the grandkids Emma and Jack,great fun was shared by all,we played a new game called Grab-it,bit like scrabble,you make up words by placing letter tiles on a surface,you get points if you can place tiles on top of the word partially covering it to form a new word.

I have been tasked to produce a document for the SIGN committee which has to be submitted by the end of May,I am meeting up with the other lay person on Thursday to see if we can collaborate in completing the document,our project is to produce guidelines for health professionals (lung nurses and oncologists) as to what should be covered following a LC dx with an individual patient,we have been supplied with the previous 2005 guideline along with guidelines from two examples of other cancers,so hopefully we can produce a good updated version to present.

Getting close to the Hope Summit,I have started my checklist of things to prepare and pack,I charged up my "American" cell phone just to see that its still working having been kept in a drawer for almost a year,it works.I am so looking forward to this trip,its going to be the event of a lifetime,a chance to meet up with so many friends of LUNGevity,some whom I have already met,others I have yet to.Time to go,enjoy the rest of Easter Monday all,bye.

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