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I realize I’m jumping the gun a little as it is still Friday here, but it is Saturday most everywhere else. I’d tried posting a couple of times earlier and the phone rang and then someone came to the door – I finally gave it up.

Lily we are getting the same rain you are – and I am ready for some sun. I hate to complain though when I see on the news how much everyone in the Midwest is having to deal with. It is great you are sticking with an exercise plan – I think about it a lot, and actually start once in awhile – but I get sidetracked too easily. Such a sad story about the missing child – and it seems like it happens too often today.

Eric – belated Happy Birthday to your daughter!! I had the same “grandchild” concerns you and Janet have – but just when you think it will never happen, things can change so fast. My youngest son and his wife are expecting again – their first is 24 months, the second (the one in my avatar) is 13 months, and the new one will be due in Oct. (I hope he and his wife have lots of energy!!) They were married 10 years before the first. My middle son and his wife were also married 10 years before having their fist – and they now have 3. I have one older granddaughter – 24 – and I admit to envying her a little. Not interested in marriage any time soon, and for the last few years she has been a senior steward on a cruise ship saving money for school. Not one of the big cruise ships, but small, more like an “explorer” type cruise. She is having the time of her life. Is currently backpacking in Peru. I am so disappointed I cannot make it to DC this year. Our son is graduating from college and we are footing the bill for the whole family to make the trip to go to his graduation. Even if I could get a travel grant, my husband can’t be away from the business for both trips and because of my current oxygen situation it is really hard for me to travel alone especially through major airports. The last time I did it going to Seattle it was a disaster. We are both disappointed as we grew up there (in Bethesda MD), and he has family there he hasn’t seen in ages. So it would have been perfect – but for the graduation. I hate putting things off, but I am counting on next year.

Janet, I checked out the web site for the farm where you volunteer and it looks wonderful. I think that would just be such a fun thing to do and I can see why you enjoy it so much.

JudyMI – Thanks for the story about Gibson and the “rare” pheasant. I had such a good laugh at that picture!! I can see that the “chemo trials” have not dampened your spirit a bit and am glad your doctors are paying attention. I am so glad you found Judy’s son – and hope that you hear from him soon.

Have a Great Weekend!


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Good Early Saturday Morning to you all! Diane, good on you to get started so early!

We actually are expecting the rain that those out West have been having, today! With temps around 63 tomorrow. Things already are blooming way ahead of schedule, but I'm loving it. I already shared the cool helicopter story and the apple trees.

Talking about exercise and/or losing weight. It's so strange our self-perceptions. I've always been around a size 12 to 14. While that is not skinny, it's a good weight for a 57 year old person. Being 5' 7", I carried the weight okay too. Since January 4, I've lost 35 pounds, and am now what my husband calls skinny. Too skinny in his book. What is weird is the self-perception. He took me shopping last week because I didn't have a single pair of jeans that fit. I broke down and bought a pair of size 10's a month or so ago, but they are baggy now too.

So he picked out (he loves to shop) 3 pairs of 8's for me to try. I held them up and said "these will never fit", as I dragged myself to the dressing room (I hate to shop). I was shocked as I slid the jeans on and they fit. The picture in the mirror in front of me was the "normal" me, that I have seen for the last 20 years. But the body that fit into those jeans kind of shocked me. I took the jeans off and held them in front of me, and looked at me, then the jeans, and couldn't believe that this body fit in them.

But I have plauteau'd at this weight, so I think I'm okay. No one has shown concern at the doctor's office. I will be careful to not lose any more, if I can. I am eating pretty good. The surprise of the Carboplatin is that it usually makes food taste like metal, but I have not had that experience this time.

Diane - it sounds like your 24 y/o grand daughter is having a good start to life! How fun for her. We took one of those small explorer type cruises in Alaska, and it was awesome. The crew was amazing as they shared the history and stories. I loved that experience.

And I"m posting this again for those that would have missed my Friday late night post. I went sleuthing around Judy in KW's facebook page and found her son! I've messaged him, and posted a link to one of his Mom's latest posts here so he could see that I'm for real. I am hoping he will respond back to me. I gave him my phone # and the link to the main web site here too. I told him that there were a lot of friends here that were very worried and we'd appreciate knowing how she is.

Obviously I will let you all know if I hear anything.

Her last opening post at the Air was 4/1/2012.

Today I'm going to lay low again. Yesterday I was up for about 3 hours before the crash, and then slept for 3. I managed to stay up last night until 11:30 and then crashed until now. Soon I'll hit the bed again.

The nurse called Friday (if I didn't post that earlier) and changed her mind. She gave me an appointment for Monday for a blood evaluation, and said it's likely I'll get another blood transfusion again. If it gives me energy, and helps me get through this, I am all for it.

Have a good Saturday everyone!

Judy in MI

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Good morning oh, afternoon! Everyone! My sleep, like many of us, is a little crazy. Went to bed around 1:00, up several times and then slept til 11. It is a beautiful day here today, so I am attempting to get some yard work done. My husband hates to do it and really doesn't care what the house or yard looks like and I just don't have the energy anymore. I was out there for a half and hour now I am in having a snack and some computer time! The yard really needs work because it was completely flooded at the end of last summer, but I guess , like with housework, I will have to relax my standards a little bit.

Diane - I am so sorry you can't come to the Hope Summit. I was supposed to go last year, but couldn't because it was the same weekend as my son's graduation. You will be there next year though!!! isn't it wonderful how the young people are living a little before they settle down?! I am a bit jealous of them!

Judy in MI thank you so much for writing to Judy's son. I thought about doing it, but felt awkward, I am so glad you were braver than me! Hopefully you will hear back from him soon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, I am headed back out to the garden.


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Well, I did hear back from Judy's son, but I won't share any details until he gives me permission to do so. All I can say is that Judy needs our prayers right now, and he said he appreciates all the prayers and people that care about her here.

Once he allows me to share more, I promise I will. I'll do a post with her name in the title so everyone gets updated, but for now I don't dare do that.

Judy in MI

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Judy - thanks for letting us know at least that you did hear from him. I have been praying for her and will continue to do so. I kind of figured that "normal side effects" from the chemo don't usually knock you down for this long -- am praying my hardest.


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