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Good Monday Morning Air


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Good morning friends,

Well, there certainly was a BOT or SPAM war going on here last night. Katie, it's good to see you emerged victorious!

I don't know if you knew this, but most mornings, when I wake up I think of people here, their stories, and wonder how everyone is doing. A lot of that is getting to be "past tense". We have some new "posters", but it's feeling like a lonely place around here these days. There was a time when the daily AIR buzzed with news and updates.

I went through my private messages and it reminded me of that. It brought back memories of friends that are no longer with us, and other friends that have moved on from this forum. I can't blame anyone, one way or another. These things come and go in our lives I guess.

Lately Diane and Janet have popped in on a regular basis, and of course the rest of you that know who you are obviously. :oops:

Anyway, I'm just rambling, and feeling a bit sad today. I miss Judy in KW a lot. She was always here, and always a ray of sunshine. I can't believe in the last two years I never got her phone number.

I'm writing her son every morning now. I'm just saying things like tell her we said HI and that we miss her. Today I got bold and asked him if she would be willing to give me her address. I told her I'd only give it out with her permission, but that there were old friends here that would love to send a card.

We'll see how that goes. I'll understand if she just does not want to do that. You never know in cyber world, or even in 3D world I guess.

Anyway, if I hear from him again, I'll let you know.

Wishing you all a good day.

Judy in MI

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Good morning Judy and Katie. Judy I joined LCSC nearly 9 years ago. At the time I was so angry and so lost and just wanted a place to come and let off steam and my pain. For the most part I stayed with the grieving forum until I slowly started to "meet" others and then after a while with the help of so many good people I settled down and made a life for myself. It wasn't easy and some days it still isn't but this "family" is the one I know I can turn to when I need support.

Over the years I have gotten to know some wonderful people. People who have not only become friends but an inspiration to me and so many others. Like you when I go back and look my heart aches for our losses. I try to come everyday at least once and read. I don't always post because I feel like I always have the same thing to say and I am not a person of few words as you all know.

I really appreciate you letting us know about Judy. She is just one of the people on my list of prayers lately. I have a neighbor that I am just getting to know who has been very sick. She has fluids around her heart and a blood clot in her lung. They fount that out when she went to the ER Froday. While running tests they also found a lump in her breast so she is having surgery either today or tomorrow.

My cousin in Bakersfield that I visit each year is having some major issues. Her husband told me when I was there earlier this year that he is very worried about her. She lost a son suddenly a few years ago then not long after her sister passed then this year her grandson't wife died suddenly. It has all left Millie in a very bad state of depression. As you know we all grieve differently. She has gone to a meeting off and on with others who are grieving sense her son died but one thing after another has left her deeper in depression. Now she has had her daughter tell her that she doesn't want to be around her anymore because she is not the same person. It breaks my heart for her. I know what grief is and I know that it changes us and in time it changes us for the better but not when the people we love don't give us the understanding that we need,.

Anyway I have a lot of people I care about in a bad way right now. I keep hoping that some who are missing from here will come and post. We just seem to have lost so many this past year that a light has gone out of the air and I want the clouds to clear and the air to flow free and easy again.

I do have to run now. Busy day ahead. Take care all and please those who pop in to read stop long enough to say hello once in a while. We really do need some fresh air around here.

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Still a bit wintery temps outside,too cold to enjoy sitting out back to enjoy a quiet read.Missed the gym today,I had a doctors appointment,this morning,I have this cold for a few days now,bringing up phlegm from my chest and a irritating cough,also blowing my nose first thing in the morning,I have blood on the tissue,feeling a bit uneasy about this,since it matches my symptoms just prior to my LC dx,so thought to be on the safe side,see the Doc,didnt get my fav doc,not available until next week,not surprizing,as she is so popular with everyone.I describe my symptoms to the other doc,she's not impressed,oh everyone I am seeing just now has the same bug she says,she checks my chest,its clear,I re-mention the nasal blood,she dismisses it,I say that was one of my symptoms of my LC,no,no, she says,thats not a link with LC, only if were coming from your mouth?tells me to come back after a week if the blood dos'nt disappear,next please?,well I suppose I should be reassured?.I did,nt even get a prescrition for an anti-biotic

Went for a drive in the countryside following the doc visit,beautiful scen

Ooops what happened?how can I rejoin my post?

ery,lov e to watch the lambs suckling from their Mums,with their little tails going sixteen to the dozen.Following the drive,a visit to the Bombay Palace for a buffet lunch,oh forget the diet,we had a pakora mix to start,which also included little chicken legs and wings,main course tandoori chicken massala ,with rice and Nan bread,as much as you could eat,followed by ice cream,not forgetting a pint of Indian Cobra beer,how much for two persons? £17.15 ($28).Indian food found in Scotland is reputed to be the best in the world,would you beleive.

Meeting Bill to-night,I am joining his outdoor bowling club,not the best of weathers for it methinks winter woolies will be essential,never played this outdoors before,supposted to be a completely different game to the indoors version,more enjoyable they say,we shall see.

Hi JudyMI,Glad you have had some information about JudyKW from her son,it really is frustrating not having direct contact with our friend ,I am so concerned about Judy not being up to replying herself,wishing and hoping that Judy recovers as soon as possible to get back in the groove.Wish we had some kind of emergency back up plan,to contact absent members just for re-assurance.i remember one of our former friends Libby from Chicago,who suggested meeting up with me in Chicago last year with her daughter,however for whatever reason Libby disappeared long before we could make final meeting arrangements?.My daughter says this is quite normal for social interaction websites,people come and people go,shame really.

Thinking about the Hope Summit,cannot wait,think its time to look out my luggage case from the garage,and the stuff to put in it,mind you its not for seven weeks this time,wonder if I should bring my kilt ensemble?

Bye for now,enjoy the rest of your day everyone.

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Judy in MI, thank you for contacting Judy in KWs son. It is at least a little better knowing we have contact of some sort. And Katie, thank you for including us in the card. This has been so hard. It has been a year of too many losses and Judy in KW and I have been online friends from the very beginning of our journey here. like Jopette, I can't believe in all this time we never exchanged addresses and phone numbers. I just want to be sure she knows we are all here for her.

Now, for the air, yes, it has gotten quiet here. So come on out everyone! Old friends, new friends, be brave and join us! It is an easy post, just tell us about the weather or your day or what you watched on tv last night. This is just a place to connect, make friends and to know someone out there cares about you!

As for me, today it is supposed to hit 90!! Imagine that, it is only April!! In New England!! I have been very sick for several days, and since it is not improving I decided this morning it must be allergies (they said on the news that they were going to be bad this year). So I took a Claritan, we'll see how that goes.

But the most exciting news in my life at the moment is that my husbands car died!!!! We have two cars, his sedan and my "mom van". They are both 12 years old. I have been driving a mom van for 23 years, and, although it was necessary with 3 kids and a scout troop, I HATED it! My husband has decided to take the van from me and let me knock another item off my "life list". As long as I can remember I have wanted to own a VW bug. We are talking like, at least 45 years of dreaming! My parents got my brother one for his college graduation, so I really thought I had a chance then, but they gave me a crockpot and an electic fry pan! Then kids came along, then cancer, so I figured it would never happen. This week we are shopping for my bug!!!! I am SO excited!!!! ( in May my sisters are taking me to drive a backhoe, the list is getting shorter, still have several items though, in particular I NEED to hug a monkey!)

Tonight is support group, then the rest of the week I think I will get the gardens started and if we have a rainy day, put away all the winter clothes!

What's going on in your lives?



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Hi Lillian,

Sorry I missed you,our posts kinda crossed with each other.I agree with your comments about LCSC,it was such a comfort to me right from the start when I arrived a couple of years ago.I can never overstate how much support I received from everyone here that lifted me from that dark place my mind was in following my dx.

Sadly some of our friends have left us,but that dos'nt detract from the many pleasureable memories I have of them,I can still "see" the smiling faces in my mind of Ned,Dawn,Annette and Stephanie,I can only look back at them and smile also.

The friends we have lost here can never be replaced,but as long as you are here friends, I will be here posting with you,I look forward not back,just thinking about new friends who have just arrived or will do so in the future fills me with optimism that LCSC will grow in strength because of its wonderful history.

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Hi all, I have not been on the forums in quite some time. Things have been challenging and I am getting ready to start another new treatment tomorrow. I have been feeling really frustrated as every time we turn around it seems the cancer has spread somewhere else and I have been in pain and having to use oxygen almost all of the time. I had to quit my job and so I just haven't been very good at getting on here. Am excited to go to the Hope Summit though, am really looking forward to meeting folks and putting names and faces together!

We had lots of tornadoes and storming here in Kansas over the weekend. Luckily, we did not have any damage in our area and stayed safe. The sun is shining today, which always makes me feel better than the cloudy days. Will try to get on here more frequently, it helps me feel connected, which I need. Hope everyone has a good Monday!


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Good afternoon, everyone!

There isn't much going on in my neck of the woods. My shoulder keeps getting steadily worse and my orthopedic consult is still a couple of weeks away. I'm hoping the surgery wait isn't long.

I've still been managing to ride. Rose and I have quite a few miles on the new tandem already.

Sara, good luck with your new treatment. I hope it works great for you. I'm looking forward to seeing you and everyone else in DC.

Here's sending positive thoughts for KW Judy. I hope she's better soon.

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Well it's raining here in Oregon and they are calling for rain all week, but it is supposed to be warmer. When I say rain though - it's not like the thunder storms we used to get in the spring when I lived in Maryland. I kind of miss those actually. We just drizzle ... gray drizzle and more gray drizzle. I am anxious for it to dry out enough so I can work in the garden. Last year it drizzled all the way through June, so we didn't get any tomatos until almost Sept. And I admit to being a fair weather gardener -- don't much enjoy it if the sun doesn't shine.

Katie and Judy - thanks for the information on JudyKW. I have been thinking about her and praying hard she bounces back. I've only been a member since the end of 2008, and it does seem like so many people, who were such a big part of the daily group, are gone for many reasons I'm sure. I think some just need to take a break. But sadly the need for this site is as strong as ever so there will be new friends coming along.

Eric and Janet -- I have been having some of the same symptoms and admit to being a little worried as well. But I've been told basically the same thing - "don't worry, it's allergies". I do have a 6-mo scan next week which was already scheduled, so while causing anxiety it is a good thing - one way or another I'll find out what's going on. I have to admit that everywhere I go people are talking about how bad the allergies are this year so I think it is likely that allergies are the culprit. I guess there are just certain symptoms we will always wonder about!

Janet - congratulations on the bug!! I had a boyfriend in high school who had one - and it was so much fun. Of course it had no AC, no seat belts, and you could feel every bump in the road -- and we usually had way too many people in the back seat. If I'd caught one of my kids riding in that the way we did I'd have grounded them -- but some great memories. Assume yours will be a bit newer -- what color?? They have some great colors now.

Lilly - I hope things get better for your friends. It does sometimes seem like things come in waves but I think helps remind us of how lucky we are really.

Sara - Glad to see you today. It sounds like you have had a lot to deal with, including all the extra things cancer brings such as not being able to work, and needing to use oxygen. I've started having to use some O2 and admit I've not been a very good sport about it. I will be praying that this new treatment turns out to be a success and you feel better very soon.

I had a nice call from my son - the one who is graduating and the reason why I am not able to go to the Summit this year. He promised that if at all possible next year he would travel with me (as it's so hard for me to handle the large airports alone) so that I would be able to attend. So I am going to look forward to that.

I hope everyone has had a good Monday.

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