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Wednesday's Air.

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Lovely spring day,though temps still a bit on the cool side,preventing a comfortable lounge about my back patio reading the papers.Gymming and swimming this morning,Monday evening I had my baptism to outdoor bowling,boy it was cold,but I was well wrapped up in my winter woolies incl hat and windproof jerkin,as expected,I received a drubbing from the other players,but everyone welcomed me generously to my new club,think I am going to enjoy my days here.

Thoughts of the Hope Summit are never far from my mind just now,lots of prep to do,just to get the digit expedited,I just cannot wait to meet you all at last,though I appreciate not everyone can make it,which is such a shame.One person we are all rooting for, to attend is of course JudyKW,who herself would'nt want to miss this either,prayers said that may allow for a full recovery in her health situation.

Hi Janet,Congratulations on the arrival of a Yellow VW into your life,you are right,just visualizing the car makes me smile,don't suppose you are going to call it Herbie?.These cars live forever,wishing the same for you.

Good to see so many buddies rallying around the Morning Air this week despite Judy's absence,I am sure she will be pleased to know.

Got to go,bye for now.

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Good Afternoon everyone!!

Prayers and happy thoughts are being sent Judy in KWs way!!!

So, my big news. I got my beetle!!! One thing I have noticed about Beetles is that everyone I meet has a Beetle memory that makes them smile, or even laugh out loud! I remember sitting on the roof of my Grandpa's beetle as we floated down a flooded road!

I actually woke up this morning and instead of thinking, "I have cancer" I thought "I have a beetle!" Now, I think it shows a lot of optimism for a Stage 4 lung cancer survivor who has already passed the 5 year mark to get a car with a 3 year lease - but, as I have said before, I try to be a glass over flowing kind of girl! It makes me so happy, and happy makes you healthy - and I absolutely LOVE what Susan (fillise) said - "nothing pisses LC off more than a happy survivor!" So guys, lets all be super happy today, lets really pis_ LC off big time!

Yesterday I went to the beach - it was that hot out, kids were actually swimming. Today it is only in the 60s but the sun is shining and the sky is blue. We are long over due for some rain (Diane, I think you have been gettting alot, can you send it this way?!) I am putting off doing the housework and changing the clothes over for the season until there is a yucky day and I am stuck inside.

That just hasn't happened. I am not complaining!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, have fun, laugh , pis_ Lung Cancer off big time!

I will try to attach a picture of my new love!



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Eric - did you really say "outdoor bowling"? Can't quite visualize that, especially in the cold -- but I can remember my father spray painting his golf balls red so he could find them in the snow - maybe its a "guy" thing.

Judy - glad to see you. I hope you are feeling better and the side effects are not being too much of a bother.

Janet - The beetle is perfect! You will have such a great time in it this summer. I will be happy to send some rain your way! I am hoping we can get some sun at the coast this weekend, but I know that is mostly wishful thinking. Summer can be a little late showing up around here, but once it does it is really nice. Not too hot, not humid, not too cold -- just perfect -- and some years it can last until almost Halloween. I'm only a couple of hours north of Lilly - and normally by now they have all the spring flowers and ice plant blooming with the background of the snow-covered peaks -- just beautiful -- but then it gets hot . . . and I do mean HOT. So I guess everplace has it's pros and cons.

Happy hump day for all the working folks.


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I'm thinking of our KW Judy today and saying extra prayers for both Judy and Stan.

Janet...I live your Beetle. I have a co-worker that has a bright yellow "bug" and I smile every time I see the car. Her little "bug" is a 2002 and it runs on diesel. She gets such great mileage. She's a little bummed right now because her A/C in the car quit working, just as it's getting very hot here.

Judy...so good to see you!!! You are one of the bravest people I know. You have a wonderful talent for writing and I so enjoy reading every word!!!

Eric...how are things across the pond? I was watching an HGTV show a few nights ago about a family that was relocating outside of London. Very interesting!

Diane..bowling outside would be something that we definitely couldn't handle here in Florida. The heat would melt us right down!!!

Nothing much happening here. Work is crazy (as always) and life is very hectic in general right now. Lots of personal problems going on right now...but everything will work out!!!

Have a great evening and remember to say a prayer for our KW Judy.


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Good Evening Everyone,

Just for you Diane,to clarify any misunderstanding what bowling in Scotland is all about,mind you the clip I found first was from Aussieland, Strewth.

http://uk.video.search.yahoo.com/play?p ... on+Singles.

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Just stopped in to check on everyone and say hi. I was looking for news on Judy KW but will take it to heart that no news is good news. Many prayers for her right now and all of you who are having issues. Nice to see so many we haven't heard from in a while. I hope it does not take someone else in crisis to see you here again. Once you are a part of this "family" you are never forgotten.

Janet nice to see you got your car. I love to see dreams come true. Take that Lung Cancer :lol: I bet it is really ticked about that one.

Well a bad case of sciatica and a sore neck are proof that I have been spending too much time at my computer. I have a lot of things to work on too so may not take time to post each day but do always read. Again saying many prayers for Judy and all of you who are having issues right now.

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