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Judy KW update in tests/updates


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This is what Judy wrote in updates last night......such wonderful feeling seeing her post.

Judy wrote-

I can't believe I'm sitting here at the computer at MDA at midnight. I don't know when I was on last or how many phone calls I have not been able to return.

When the nurse woke me to give me meds around 10 pm tonight, I remember saying, I'm so happy. She was a bit shocked given the recent state of my health and asked why was that? I had to say I'm just happy I woke up, no vomiting after an usual amount of my liquid diet and feeling pretty darn ok. I have to be very honest folks. It could last a day, a week a month....We (Stan and I, family and the doctors) have had all the "talks. My digestive system has stopped working and I've been living a hellish kind of life for a couple of weeks now. No further treatments but today I elected for a procedure that has allowed me to eat my liquid diet and keep it down for the first time in ages. Believe me, it is exciting! I had a cathater (sp?) put in that will collect the fluids that have been dumping in my belly. Periodically, I will manually empty it . I have no qualms about it--if this can give me even a little more time with a much improved quality of life, I'm all for it.

Up until now, I couldn't come online. I was not only physically debilitated but emotionally devastated. Through many tears I told Dr T that I accepted this was it but I just could not bear the thought of ending like this. She is so sweet and I could feel her pain for me.

I swear I don't know what else to say. I'm sitting here feeling so normal. Please, let it last for at least another day, week, etc. I love you all and have missed you so much. I'm on the hospital computer and don't know how long I'll be in the hospital. I don't even have my computer with me in the coach but I'll touch base with you when I can.

As for the Summit, until today I couldn't even contemplate it. Tomorrow may confirm I can't make it but who knows. I surely don't because tonight life feels surreal.

To all my dear friends, goodnight and "click."

Judy in KW

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Thank you so much Shirley for posting this. I came here for news of Judy and this is the first thing I see.

Judy I can only say that you are an inspiration to all of us. I was sitting here wondering if I could do my exercises this morning because of my little pains then I see this. If you can fight on and have this attitude who am I to give up on something so simple because of a few pains.

Take care my friend and I pray that you will have many of those good days still. We all know the power of prayer and you my friend have so many prayers going out for you. A miracle is measured by the good it does. You have been given a miracle and only God knows how long it will last but as we pray for it to continue we can also add a prayer of thanks for that miracle. Love you and God Bless you. Lillian

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