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Thursday's Air

Janet B

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We have heard from Judy in KW!!!! She really needs our positive energy, thoughts and prayers, but she, in true Judy in KW fashion, took the time to let us know how she was. I love that lady!!

I am smiling over time today - just so happy to hear from her and to know that she was having a good day - and I wanted to be sure there was an air today, for Judy in KW, in case she gets computer time again.

I woke up to a gray drizzly day and thought of all the cleaning that I could get done, but then the sun came out and the sky turned blue as if God was saying, ENJOY!

So for my air today, I will just breathe. I will drive my little bug down to the shore and breathe in the salty air and remember all the very good things in life. And I will thank God that we heard from Judy in KW



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Hello all! Janet, sounds like living today for today and getting the best out of it is on your agenda. Good for you! I love how much you love your bug! I used to live in Bridgeport, CN back in the 70's. Oh my gosh, were people alive back then? LOL. I loved getting to the Sound and the sea salt air so easily.

Here it is grey and rainy, but somehow it just seems good. Sometimes I enjoy a rainy, cool and cloudy day. Today seems to be one of them.

I did get my blood work back today. Hemoglobin is back to 11.5 which is excellent! It made me wonder though because I am still so tired. I asked her if I'm just being a baby about all of this, and she reminded me that I've just had two transfusions, and that i'm on a pretty rigid chemo regime again, and that the 2nd time around is harder with the platinum chemo's. I don't know if she said that to make me feel better or what, but it did make me feel better :-)

I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions, and accidently found a prescription for depression waiting for me in the freezer section. I've never taken this particular medication before, but it is absolutely amazing how well it made me feel! I don't know if any of you have ever tried this, but Klondyke Oreo Cookie Ice Cream bars are just the best thing in the whole world. Seriously.


Judy in MI

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Hi everyone, kind of chilly here in Nebraska the last few days. Janet dont drive that VW down to close to the shoreline. They are nice little cars but I dont think they float. Judy, I would have to disagree about the best ice cream bar. My favorite is Blue Bunny Homemade vanilla with choclate covering. Hope you all have had a nice day. It was great to see Judy KW update. Goodnight everyone.


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