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Hello everyone!

I thought I might introduce myself for all of the new people visiting these pages and to those who may be lurking here.

My Name is Dawn Reed and I am a widowed navy vet with 4 kids, a dog and two cats. I am also a 4 year ( this October) SCLC-ext survivor. You can read my story from the links below my name.

As A moderator here, I need to let you know how to contact me for support or help of any kind.

1. You can connect with me here by PM. If I don't happen to be on-line at that particular time, my pm, will connect with my email to let me know you were here.

2. I am also on Face Book, along with many others who come here.

3. You can also contact me via my E-Mail at Outrider323@yahoo.com

I am pretty well versed with how SCLC-ext works, as well as how the VA works. Also with Social Security Disability.

If you have a question that I can not answer, I will tell you so and will try to find the answer for you.

For your medical questions please go here:


For material on many other aspects of all kinds of cancer, that will send you free material, (ie. books or pamphlets) try here:


I hope those two sites along with this one will help you. I also hope that you will post here and let us know you and give the support and help that we can.

I look forward to seeing you here,



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