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Good Morning!

It is a cool 53 here in central Ark, this morning with rain expected by evening.

I have nothing special planned for to today, so I might just comb out my fur-baby, or work on that baby blanket for my niece's son. At the rate I'm going on that, I might have it done by the time he is one, lol! Maybe wash, dry and put up towels. Who knows, the day is ripe with possibilities!

I hope you all have blessed day despite any bad weather you are having or because of the good weather. Just remember, you decide how your day will be. so put a smile on your face and enjoy the day.

See you in the funny pages!

Love you all!


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Good morning friends!! I am up earlier than usual, I think I am finally getting ahead of these allergies! Still so stuffy but no headache when I woke up!!

It is a beautiful day here , again. It is supposed to be in the low to mid 70s.We are expecting rain Sunday through Wednesday. It has been a long time. I am not complaining!!!

Dawn, I totally understand about the baby blanket. I am crocheting a sweater for my favorite soon to be 5 year old. His birthday is a week from today and I haven't even finished the body, much less the sleeves and hood - I always start out my projects really excited, and then put it off and off and end up finishing them in the wee hours the night before I am supposed to give them to the recipient!

I will have a day somewhat like yours, lots of laundry to do today. I actually enjoy doing the laundry when the sun is shining and the air is a little crisp. Maybe I will hang dry today. I am also taking a good friend out to lunch and for a spin in the bug.

My husband leaves this afternoon for the weekend. He is taking his confirmation class on a retreat to the Lutheran camp in northern NH. I am very excited to have the house all to myself. I love my husband, don't get me wrong, but he works about 2 miles from home, so he is always here and a couple of days with the house all to myself is like a mini vacation!

Enjoy your day everyone. have fun, be happy


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Good morning. Dawn it is so nice to see you back here. I have been wondering how you are. I think about you and some others here too when the weather gets bad back your way. I have a lot of family in Arkansas too. Hope you stay on here it is always nice to see some familiar faces and names.

Judy I understand how you feel about having your house to yourself. I never lived alone until I was 58 years old when my Johnny died. Before that it was my parents then straight to my marriage and then family then with Johnny. Now I am so used to being alone that I don't think I could live with anyone full time/ I am very jealous of my alone time. I like to do things around here for and with my neighbors but there are times I just want to be alone and enjoy all of the things that you can only enjoy if not distraced by someone else.

As for the crochet I always have trouble catching up. I do so many different kinds of sewing crafts and always bite off way too much. Right now I am trying to finish quilting a quilt that I started years ago. There are so many pieces that I have to quilt around each and my arm starts bothering me and I have to put it away for a whild but this time I am almost done so keeping my fingers crossed. I am also starting a quilt for my youngest great grandson and right behind him comes one for McKenna and my oldest granddaughter is having another so that one is waiting in the wings also. So some of my other things have to take the back burner once in a while.

It is a beautiful day here and one of my favorite days of the year. Each year here in Redding for one week we have a thing called Kool April Nights. It is billed as hot cars and kool April nights. Some where between 1500 and 3000 classic cars come to town. The have show and shines all over and at the convention center they have old music and bbq. I never go there but my favorite thing is tonight when those old cars parade for a couple of hours. I take my chair up the road about 3/4 of a mile to the mall and with thousands of others enjoy some vintage cars that you just don't see that often even here where old cars are not uncommon.

I am praying that no news of JudyKW is good news. Will continue to keep her and all of you in my prayers. Take care and have a great day.


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Well you three put me to shame!! I’m like Lily in that I always bite off more than I can chew – but the problem is I’m not particularly good at any of it, get frustrated, and never finish. :( I have lots of boxes in the guest room closet full of “started” projects. My oldest son keeps asking when his quilt is going to be done – I started it when he was 14 – since he’s now 45 he obviously knows the answer to that.

Lily we used to go to Kool April Nights quite often, but haven’t been in years. We would eat on the patio at Logan’s (I assume that is still there) and watch the cars cruise by. Was always lots of fun. If you’re weather today is anything like ours you have a great weekend for it.

Got up this morning and couldn’t believe it – after all the chilly, drizzly, gray weather, nothing but blue skies, sun, and somewhere in the low 80s I think. Of course the sudden change makes it seem much warmer than it is – but I’m sure not complaining!! I think the whole weekend is supposed to be like this.

I hope both Judys are feeling good today. Have a good weekend everyone.


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Weather was wonderful for the parade in fact it was around 90 and I got a little too much sun on my neck even after putting on sun block. I love those old cars and even wth the price of gas there are a lot of them in town. Not as many as some years but I take what I can get.

Yes Logans is still there. I go to the mall because it is right up the road on Canby and I live on Canby. It is easy in and easy out. Amazes me this small town how different it is from other areas. Such a family atmosphere. You put your chairs out early in the day or even the day before and no one bothers it and your place is saved.

Some day when you come this way to see your son we will have to get together for coffee. I have so many wonderful friends on this board and have yet to meet one of you face to face. What a great thing that would be. Take care. Time for me to play a little on the games before bed time.

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