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Got a card in the mail today from my step daughter! She's my ex's daughter, but we've stayed close all these years and I love her to pieces. She wants to come to Michigan to visit! (She lives in Florida). I am so excited. When she comes to town, her time is usually dominated by his family, and I get the little bit that is left over. She said this time, she was making it clear that her reason for being here was me, and that they'd have to stand in line for time with her. This is awesome!

She's about 38 years old now, with 3 almost grown children. Her youngest is a daughter that I've never met. I hoping that Jazlyn can come in too, and us girls can just spend a couple of days (I hope) sitting around eating ice cream, and gabbing about life! What a blessing.

I've been feeling better. Still tired, but have found that quick 1/2 hour naps rejuvenate me quite well, which allow me to get back to doing stuff. I've been wanting to do stuff for quite some time now, so it's amazing to be able to do that.

Judy is constantly on my mind, and in my prayers. I'm hoping all is going better, and that Katie will have an update for us soon.

Anyway, wanted to share my good news!

Have a good day.

Judy in MI

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Good morning Judy at least it is still morning here for a while longer. It is so good to see you post and know that you have times to feel like getting things done. You amaze me.

Judy is on my mind too as I am sure she is on everyone who is missing her here. I hope we hear some news soon and hope and pray that it is good news. If you read this Judy we love and miss you.

Putting pictures in albums and looking at old pictures while listening to old country music from the 50s and 60s makes for a very emotional me. Memories can be so bitter sweet but I think God every day that I have so many great ones. Weater here is beautiful and was great for the parade of old cars last night. Our recreation room is closed while water damage from apartment above dries out. We could use it but the noise and heat from the fans in there make it nearly unbearable. So beautiful weather calls for an out side ice cream social this evening. It is time we start sitting out again and I hope we can get a game of latter ball going.

Have a great day all.

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Good afternoon!

Judy In KW if you are reading this - we are all praying for you and sending our happiest thoughts!!

Judy in MI. I am so happy for you that you have this visit to look forward to! It is so nice that your stepdaughter has stayed close to you, that says a lot about you as a person. I hope you eat copious amounts of icecream and have long long gab sessions! As for naps, I couldn't get through life without them. I have told my family, I have about 2 good hours in me at a time. Then I need to at least rest, if not nap. If I try to do it all, I completely fall apart for days, so napping makes everyday more enjoyable.

I am waiting for a visit from my sister and niece. They are just stopping by for a little while, my sister lives about 40 minutes away, but my niece lives in Philly, so they are stopping by while she is visiting so I can give her a hug! Then the rest of the day and tomorrow are all mine, as my husband won't be home until dinner time tomorrow night. I think I will clean and garden and crochet and watch some chick flicks! Which reminds me, better go to the store and get some red wine!

I hope you're all having wonderful days


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Lily, I missed your post. I totally understand the emotions of going through pictures. I have been attempting to put all of ours in albums with notes attached since I was diagnosed 5 1/2 years ago, but I find it so emotional I can only do it in little spurts at a time!!

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Well this has never happened to me before - but I just typed and sent a post -- but it's just disappeared somewhere. Not enough time to redo it -

Lily - I would love to get together when we are down next. I sent you a PM in Nov, but am not sure you got it. We haven't been down since Thanksgiving, but am sure we will be at some point before summer is over. Redding is sooo pretty in April though - my favorite month there.

Judy - am glad you are feeling better and have a nice visit with your step-daughter to look forward to. Janet, it sounds like you have a great weekend planned - enjoy.

Am praying we here some good news from JudyKW soon and she is much better.


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