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JudyKW Update 4/22 (4/24)


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I got some information from Judy's daughter Wendy this morning:

Her mom was discharged from the hospital yesterday and will be following up with Hospice care.

Judy had a tube placed in her abdomen to drain fluid, which helps a bit. She is tolerating some fluids and soft foods --but not always.

Wendy promises to keep me updated.

I've sent along all of love and prayers for Judy.

I will keep posting anytime I learn more news.

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Thanks for the update, Katie! It's good that you can communicate with Judy's daughter and you can pass along all of our love and prayers to the family. It would be wonderful if Judy felt well enough to come and post and read for herself. My prayers are with her and her family. Glad she is home and I hope comfortable.



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Thanks Katie!

I am so glad Judy is home where she will be more comfortable. Hopefully she will be able to be up and around for a little bit each day.

Still praying and lighting candles for her and her family.

Katie, I appreciate you being able to send us updates! We'll be looking forward to more.



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Katie, thank you so much for keeping us posted. Judy has been such a joy and an inspiration to me, she is a huge part of my life even though we only know each other from this site. I had felt so helpless not knowing what had happened to her, your updates have been such an amazing gift.

Judy, if you are reading these posts, know that we love you, we miss you and our prayers are with you always.



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I am happy she is home but sad that hospice is involved.. many thoughts and prayers for you Judy and Stan and Family..

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Judy is in my constant prayers. Judy if you can read this just know how important you have become to me and so many others. Every morning I come to see if there is any fresh Air and without you it just doen's seem as much is there. Take care and enjoy being surrounded by your loved ones.

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Just a quick text message from Judy's daughter that this has been a really bad day and she is not able to keep anything down.

Please keep praying.

Thank you.

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