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Tuesday's Air

Janet B

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Hey everyone!

Good afternoon! The rain has stopped here in CT, we only got two day's worth, but it soaked the ground well. Today is a blustery, chilly day. All the blossoms have blown off my cherry tree leaving me a pink patio and lawn!

I just got back from the farm. It is baby time there! The baby miniature horse was born Saturday night. She immediately got up and started hopping around, so she has been named Hopscotch. She is big for a baby mini, so they think her father must have been a pony(mom was a rescue so we don't know a lot about her past). She is the cutest little thing! I put pictures on Facebook if anyone wants to check them out! I am Janet Brown if you want to "friend" me. We also have baby chicks and baby ducklings! The baby ducklings are especially adorable ( ducks being my favorite animal). It is such a wonderful thing, spring, new life!

I am trying to lay low this week, saving my energy for the Hope Summit. So, this week and next week I am going to stay close to home and do as little housework as possible!

That is the plan at least!!

Judy in KW, I am praying for you, Judy in MI, I hope you a feeling well!

I hope everyone is enjoying today!!


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Good Evening Everyone,

Well actually I should say good morning since its almost 1.00am on Wednesday here.I cannot believe how quickly the days are passing,its been a week since I have last posted.Weather here still very unsettled,wet, windy and cool,still waiting for some warm sunshine to re-visit us.

Well some good news,I played my second game of outdoor bowls on Monday night,it was a pairs night,I was drawn with a lady called Joan,we played against seven other pairs throughout the night and won every game,we shared a grand monetary prize of £8,I am still thinking how best to spend my £4?,or should I invest it?LOL.

Hope Summit about a week away,I am going into Glasgow to-morrow to do a bit of shopping for odds and ends to put into my suitcase.I am really starting to feel excited,its going to be amazing, thinking about meeting so many of you in person for the first time,just wishing the event would last for more than the weekend.I am supposed to be at this moment writing a short presentation I will deliver at the Hope Summit,gosh I will need to be disciplined,I could talk for Scotland in the Olympics,I can imagine exceeding my allocated time,KatieB intervening to pull me away using one of these shepherds crooks they used in the olden days for removing rotten actors from the stage.

Nice to see the return of Dawn here,loved the pic of Hopscotch, Janet,what a super job you have,time to go,bye for now,enjoy the rest of Tuesday everyone.

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Janet, I like the name hopscotch you picked for the pony. Sounds so appropiate. Im still trying to figure out what to do with 13 homing pigeons. When we moved I brought them with was because the new owner of our home didnt want them. I now have them in a much smaller cage but am looking for a bigger loft for them. Even tho we are in a differant town I cant release them or they will go back to our previous home. I hate to get rid of them because they are one of the few things that really bring me joy and a feeling of peace. I know alot people think of pigeons as the same level as rats but I find homing pigeons amazing birds. Eric, I wish you the best with your presentation. I know you will do a fine job.It seems so strange with out seeing Judy inKW post. She joined shortly after I did and altho I havent been here alot the last year or so it seems funny not to see her name pop up. LCSC to me has always meant Katie, Randy and Judy in KW.They were and are the support fountation to me. Hopefully Judy will be popping back in when she is feeling better.

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