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Thursday's Air

Janet B

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Hi friends!

First if all a big WHOO HOO to Diane for rocking your scans!! I am so happy for you, now you can totally enjoy the summer!!

Waiting, impatiently I admit, for news about Judy in KW and wondering and worrying about Judy in MI too.

So, my day just started! If you read Tuesdays air, I said I was going to rest up for the summit. Then yesterday's air I said I already blew that and over did it. Well, today I slept until 12:45!!! Now, a huge part of that is that I have been having some bad pain in my shoulder, (no idea what is going on with that, kind of don't want to know) so in order to get some sleep I took two pain pills at around 1 a.m. Those pills had me totally knocked out until my husband came home for lunch and ran up to check on why I wasn't answering him calling for me! Now it is 2:00 and I am sitting here in my pajamas feeling like I have a terrible hangover! Plus my shoulder feels worse than ever! I guess today I will be taking it easy! Maybe play a little Draw Something, or Words with Friends, maybe work on that sweater I am crocheting (luckily it is my left shoulder in pain and I am right handed! The birthday is tomorrow, so it won't be done on time!!) I have a meeting at 7 so I guess I have to get dressed at some point!!!

Oh, hugs to Katie, hoping there is good news on

Zoe soon!!

I hope you all have good days!!


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Janet - am glad you are getting a day of rest. Try not to worry too much about the shoulder pain (easier said than done I know). I had the same type of thing - severe pain all of a sudden in my left shoulder that wouldn't go away. My PCP was concerned too, but my onc didn't seem too worried. Long story short - after x-rays, consults etc. - the doctor told me I needed to do some exercises. I wasn't really big on exercising and couldn't quite see how a little exercise would help that much pain anyway - but it did. It comes back every so often if I stop exercising. And oddly it is so much easier to stop than to start :)

I'm disappointed and a little worried that there is no update on Judy KW or Judy MI. It just seems so strange here without them.

We were supposed to have lots of rain today - but it has actually been really nice and sunny. Some clouds and a breeze (so I think the rain is coming) - but really a nice day. I was worried because I had to drive an older lady to chemo today - and couldn't take the dogs with me (both are 80lb dogs) - but I don't dare leave them home alone if they are even talking about thunder. One of them is soooo terrified he just goes nuts. A Benedryl helps a little - but it's always stressful. It was so bad once last year that we got so desperate we put him in the car and drove until we were out of the storm! Hopefully it won't be that bad tonight.

Hope everyone has had a good day - and tomorrow is Friday and that's always a good one.

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I 2nd what Diane said Janet. It was a few years after my treatment when all of a sudden my upper left arm started hurting. It felt as if Mike Tyson had punched me in the arm with eveything he had. The slightest movement hurt like heck. I thought for sure that my cancer had returned or spread. It still returns every so often but at least now I dont panic and automatically think the worst. I hope you all have a nice Friday.

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