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Weather is fairly nice here this morning. A little cool - but sunny so really good weather to work in the yard. Chuck decided to get an early start planting tomatoes and cucumbers - so hopefully we won't get anymore frost but it's a bit early to count on that. He likes to get a head start but I hate stumbing around in the dark trying to cover them up when it's supposed to freeze. The dogs have been shedding so badly I decided to give them a bath in hopes that it would get rid of some of the hair -- I love my dogs but if I ever get another one it will have to be hairless - or at least one of those that doesn't shed :D

We are going to dinner tonight with friends - and then back to their house so I can try out a wheelchair they have I can borrow. I have stubbornly (and probably stupidly) refused to consider it, but am finally facing the reality that there is no way I'm going to be able to make it to my son's college graduation without one. At the last minute Michelle Obama is going to be the keynote speaker, and apparently they are now expecting many more people in attendance than originally anticipated. Parking is miles away and of course the stadium is huge. I think this will be good for me - I'm sure there will be a day when I will need help getting around on a more regular basis. One perk - people in wheelchairs get good seats :)

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.


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Hi Diane I was coming to post sense no one had. You beat me to it. It is hard to come to the air everyday and not see Judy and Annette and Ned and so many that for one reason or another just dropped out of here.

Weather here is just beautiful. A little windy but that is alright. I love the temperatures and the sunshine. I do envy you having a garden but not sure I could handle one as good as I used to. Too many aches and pains. Glad to see that you are able to have one and enjoy the fresh produce. There is nothing like fresh picked anything.

My granddaughter and my grandson both have Morky's. They are half Maltese and half Yorky. They don't shed. Lera got hers first and got him because her brother has asthama. He is married now and a few months ago he and his wife got one too. They are adorable little dogs and very smart. If you notice once in a while I post a picture of one or the other on facebook.

Not much else to say finished my laundry and will go set up for Pokeno in a little while. I always seem to bite of more to do. Oh well if it keeps us all moving I guess it is worth the extra work.

Have a neighbor that just found out a few days ago that she has stage 3 breast cancer. Her name is Patsy and she is terrified. How I hate the beast. Keeping everyone in my prayers.

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I made it to the air,a little late, but it is still Saturday so it counts. It is not like I was doing anything important, I slept in, went to the dump and then attempted some yard work. it is pretty chilly here today and very windy, so I scrapped the garden and came in to finish changing the clothes over for the season. My garden is very depressing this year, I have a perrenial garden surrounding a flagstone patio. I used to have several gardens, but downsized to just this one 2 years ago because I no longer had the energy to keep them up. ( my husband does have a vegetable garden). Anyway, last September we had a hurricane which flooded my garden with salt water, it looks like more than half my perrenials didn't make it, as well as two trees. Oh, we'll, looks like I will be usi g the credit card at the Garden store!

I totally get the dog hair dilemma. I have a very very sheddy Golden Retriever, I have to sweep at least twice a day. If he wasn't so cute and such a good caregiver I would scream!!

Diane, I am so glad you a going to use the wheelchair for graduation. it would be a shame to be too tired to enjoy the day. You should inquire with the school about special parking and seating. I know at my sons graduation all you had to do was ask and they had a spot blocked off for you, you didnt need a handicapped sticker, they just trusted you. It is worth a try!

I don't even know what to say about Judy in KW not making it to the Summit. She and I have been planning on meeting there for well over a year now. (along with Stephanie). I have lost all my excitement for going now. I hate cancer.

Prayers are always with Judy, For strength and peace.

I see that lots of people check in on the air each day. Please consider joining in! Just tell us about your day, we would love to get to know you, lasting friendships are made here. I will be blunt, we have cancer, so sometimes these friendships end in sadness. But, they are friendships we will always cherish and that get us through the toughest times.

We are headed out now for lobster rolls for dinner. My all time favorite. Then we will sit down to watch the Sox play!


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Oh my gosh - lobster rolls!! Growing up on the east coast we quite often took short vacations to New England and when I was 14 we stopped at a restaurant near the beach and I had lobster rolls. Isn't it funny the things we remember. I hated that trip because I had a new boyfriend and didn't want to leave town -- but now I can hardly remember his name but boy do I remember those lobster rolls!! Never had the opportunity to have them again - but even today I talk about them. Have one for me!

Sorry about your perrenials Janet - but it will be fun picking out new plants. Lilly - our garden is smaller and smaller. Fortunately Chuck does the hard work - I just pick it and eat it. :)

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