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Sunday's air


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Busy day here and hope everyone is out enjoying a touch of spring. Praying still for Judy and all of you who have problems.

Not sure if you bunch of assinine hackers read anything here or not. I just really hope that if you or your family are every touched by lung cancer that people show more respect for you and consider your feelings. It is pretty obvious that you not only don't respect anyone else but you couldn't possibly respect yourselves if you will hack in to a site like this to post your garbage!!!!

Just had to get that off of my chest. I can't believe how cruel and stupid some people can be.

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Beautiful day here in Oregon too. Trying to do some "spring cleaning" and get the patio nice -- but of course now I've overdone it - but can just relax on the patio with a book tomorrow if it doesn't rain of course. :) Have to admit there is nothing like nice warm sun after a cold drizzly winter to lift your spirits.

Lily - I second your response to the hackers - couldn't have said it better.


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