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Monday's Air

Janet B

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Happy Monday everyone.

I am writing from the lovely infusion chair! I just had my port accessed, but by the time my blood work is checked and the Avastin and Zometa are mixed up, I will be here for several more hours. That is fine, since I have Lung Cancer Support Group four floors down at 5:30.

I did not make it on the forums yesterday, after church we went out to see that animated 3-D movie, Pirates - A Band of Misfits with some friends. It was fun, silly and a mindless happy way to spend the afternoon. Afterwards we went back to their house for a barbecue. A nice day.

Diane, I thought of you while I ate my lobster roll! In fact, I took a picuture of it for you! I can't post pictures from my iPad, but if I get home early enough I will post it later! Now there are different kinds of lobster rolls, hot, cold, with mayo, or just with melted butter. The way I love them is hot, with just lobster and melted butter on a buttered toasted roll. YUM! There is a place about a mile from our home that consistently wins for CT's Best Lobster roll. It is one of my many weaknesses!

Tonight, on my way home from group, I will stop for my other weakness. MacDonalds!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day, the sun is shining here, hope it is for you also!


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Janet - thanks for the note on the lobster rolls - I can almost taste them. I don't have much of a "bucket list" - but I think I will have to start one and make my first priority getting back to New England for a lobster roll. That would also take care of my #2 - which is an Inn in Bar Harbor (don't remember the name and it might not still be there) that had the absolute BEST Popovers I've ever had anywhere!

Now I'm getting hungry! I can't be at the Summit this year, but hopefully next and maybe I could drive across country stopping at all of these wonderful places to eat -- tamales in Tucson, BBQ in Texas and so on! Of course I might not fit through the hotel room door by the time I arrived in DC. :lol: But I'd sure have fun.

I have spent the morning at work - took two on-line continuing education classes and have one more to go. I know this sounds a little (maybe a lot) nuts -- but one thing I rather liked about chemo was the fact that you were hooked up in this chair, and forced to just sit for however many hours napping under a warm blanket, eating, watching TV, reading, chatting with a neighbor, whatever -- and because I had to be there I didn't feel guilty about it. At home I feel like I should either be in the office working or doing chores around the house. I admit I am getting better at letting some things go.

Hope everyone's week is starting well.


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Good Evening Everyone,

Well my suitcase is just about packed,I went into Glasgow today for a final shop,I have arranged with my friend Bill to pick me up on Wednesday morning to run me to Glasgow airport,unfortunately direct flights to WashingtonDC dont start until the end of May,so I have to fly to Heathrow in London to get the connection.

I am making a short presentation at the Hope Summit on Saturday,I have written my script,my daughters boyfriend Chris came to my home on Saturday to read it through and make a powerpoint presentation that runs parallel with it,he is so talented,so it should make me look good.

Busy day tomorrow,I am off to Edinburgh,just my luck the SIGN committee arranged to meet,I have completed my guidelines element,so its up for presentation and discussion,it is a first draft,and I have still two weeks after I come home from the USA to make any alterations or additions to it before final submission.

Its just a shame the excitement of the meeting everyone is dulled somewhat by Judy's absence,but I know Judy would want us to relish every minute of each others company,so heres to a wonderful weekend,may we all leave the conference feeling uplifted.

Good night everyone,its just about bedtime for me.Bye.

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Well, it's Tuesday here, but just by an hour and I"m not very awake, so I'll tag on here. I'll be going back in tomorrow, this cold has turned into a cough that makes me sound like, I don't know what! It's definitely a very loud and hoarse bark. I'll go in for a listen tomorrow just to make sure that nasty P work is not tryig to happen.

NOt much to report. I[ve been home bound as a result of the cold. Getting lots of rest and thankful for that. It's 2:10AM and I'm watching Hoda and Kathy Lee. I don't know why but those two women just amuse me to no end.

Wishing everyone a good morning. Praying for Judy.

Judy in MI

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