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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Well I am now in sinc with most of you now as far as time zones go.Arrived at Key Bridge last night just after 8pm.Hotels really nice as well as are the staff,we have a large party of High School Kids and Teachers with us,so it was a bit busy in the breakfast room this morning,what are kids doing up at 7am?.Fortunately, the kids move out tomorrow,not that I really mind their boisterous antics.

Hi Judy,isnt it just typical,after all you are going though these last weeks/months you have to go and catch a cold also,there's nothing quite so miserable,so I can understand your feeling down.I do wish you well and hope for a quick recovery.Just know we are all here thinking about you.

Sightseeing today of course,Washington Harbour has been recommended to me,so its camera at the ready,ipod and I am off,will keep you updated on my day.

I am looking forward to everyones arrival at the weekend,cannot believe I am going to meet so many online friends for the first time after years of blethering together,my thoughts are also for those who for many reasons cannot share in this upcoming wonderful event.

Saddest of all of course is JudyKW,her absence will be felt by everyone.Thoughts and prayers are for Judy and her family,just wishing for some miracle,that Judy can return to us,that this is all but a bad dream. Bye for now.

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good morning everyone!

I am so glad you got to D.C. safely Eric! I quickly checked my town's calendar to make sure it wasn't our school being boisterous at breakfast, as our 11th graders go to D.C. for a week each year, but it isn't us! I hope you, actually, I KNOW you will find something fun to do today.

We are headed out first thing in the morning. We hope to get to the hotel early enough to grab some dinner before I leave my husband to meet everyone at the reception. We will be driving up in my little yellow beetle so you cant miss me!

I am also so incredibly sad that Judy in KW won't be there. Judy, Stephanie and I had been talking about this for a year. It never even crossed my mind that Judy wouldn't be there. It was already arranged that I was picking her up at the RV park and driving her in. I usually take all this cancer stuff with a positive attitude, but his has hit me hard. are with you Prayers arer with you sweet Judy in KW, prayers for strength and peace.

Judy in MI, I hope you a feeling even just a bit better today and I am so glad your treatment is almost done! I have to say I am a bit jealous of the cleaning woman!

Tuesday I went with my sister to tour Lizzie Borden's House. If any you do not know who Lizzie was, she was accused of killing her father and stepmother with a hatchet back in the 1890's. She was acquitted and the murder was never solved. For some odd reason my mother was totally absorbed by her story, and so, as a consequence are my sisters and I. Lizzie's house is now a Bed and Breakfast and next to the Beetle, the best gift my husband ever gave me was a stay there, in Lizzie's room! Anyway, seeing her home was on my sisters bucket list so we went! Ok, now you all think I am crazy, seriously, not really crazy, just very interested in this particular unsolved murder!

Today is rainy and grey. The perfect kind of day to pack for a trip. I got a dog sitter, yesterday! Talk about waiting to the last minute! So, just pack, sweep, and fold Sunday's bulletins at church.

What is on your agenda today??


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Can't wait to finally meet all of you too. I will miss KW Judy as I know we all will. I really wanted to meet her. I feel a big group prayer in our future. Safe travels everybody. See you in DC.

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Another cloudy cool day here - not helping to make me feel better about not being in DC this weekend.

Eric glad you got there OK. You take such beautiful photos - please please post lots of pictures if you can.

Janet - I definitely don't think it's odd that you are so interested in the Lizzie Borden case -- I always wanted to see the house, but just never got there. I can't imagine actually sleeping there - how cool! Isn't it odd that it still fascinates so many of us so many years later?

JudyMI - I hope you are feeling a bit better today.

Am continuing prayers for JudyKW and her family. I can only imagine how much her presence is going to be missed in DC. One of my phone buddies that I've gotten very attached to is having an especially hard time now as well. I wish I could think of a word stronger than hate - because it just doesn't describe how I feel about this disease.

Alan, and everyone else, have a safe trip and wonderful time.


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Thank you Diane and Janet for asking about me! You both are so kind. I am excited to read about everyone's adventures in DC. I so wish I could have gone. Last year was the first year and much smaller and it was awesome to meet so many of the people. This year is bound to be even better! I miss so many of them already.

I will live vicariously through the posts left here. So you folks in Washington? Please leave us your stories. The topics you talk about will interest us immensely. You trips, the things you see. Please take a wee moment to share them here with us?

We wish we could be there with you, but are so glad you got to go to share with us.

God bless.

And praying for Judy too! Ah, I miss that girl.

Judy MI

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