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Fridays Air.

eric byrne

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Eric Byrne

Good Morning Everyone,

Its Friday,hooray,just waiting for all the arrivals,really exited.Thursday,just discovered the breakfast room I shared with all the schoolkids and their teachers was private,but no one told me or corrected me,in fact one of the teachers came over to have a friendly chat with to me,are,nt Americans so nice?.

Well it was off the Washington harbour and the Gaylord Hotel,first to navigate the the Metro system,one of the Metro staff assisted me with getting my ticket out of a vending machine,the machine refuses to give me my $5 change,I was offered a hugh document to complete to have my money posted to Scotland LOL,please forget it.

Enjoyed my walk through the Gaylord Hotel,its the biggest hotel I have even been in,and some,then a explore along the harbour and the shops.

Decided to take the Metro to the Smithsonian,got to put on my news reporter hat on now,trains on the yellow line will be delayed due to a man on the line being struck by a train.Just short of my alighting station L'Enfant,suddenly theres a rush of passengers into my carriage from the carriage in front,everyone in a high state of anxiety,I ask one person whats happened,he told me there was some kind of gas released in that carriage which made breathing difficult,he could'nt explain what type of gas it was.The train pulls into the station,and everyone evacuates the train,I wait for a short time to watch some police offices entering the effected carriage,just another ordinary day on the Metro?.

Arrived at the Smithsonian,decided to visit the American History Museum,think its the smallest museum in WashingtonDC,sorry folks could'nt resist that one,I really enjoyed the visit,exhibits were very interesting,I did'nt know Robert E Lee's estate was Arlington,where at the end of the civil war the land was confiscated and turned into a cemetary for Unionist soldiers,isnt that amazing?.

Back to the hotel,all that walking and the heat has left me feeling exhausted,oh boy,a ice cold Bass beer certainly had the power to revive me,had a nice light meal,returned to my room,boy I am tired,think I will have a nap before going back out tonight to explore the night life,I awake,its dark outside,my hall light is on? theres a blue bag hunging on my door handle?I check the time,well call me rip van winkle,its 5.30am and its Friday-what happened?,by the way, the blue bag was full of goodies from LUNGevity,the fairies had been.Bye,see you soon guys.

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Eric, thank you so much for this glimpse into your travels for the Hope Summit. What a joy to hear more stories of our beloved Scotsman sojourning onto American soil yet again. We just love you buddy.

I hope you have a brill time there. Can't wait to hear more stories. Will be waiting on the side lines....

Judy in MI

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Love reading of your adventures Eric. Thanks for the Thursday, can't wait to see all that Friday brings.

Judy MI, nice to see you. I hope you're feeling better. Been missing you. God bless.

Missing Judy KW too.

To all who meet at the Summit this weekend. Enjoy!!!

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Just to let you know I am at this moment sitting with a group of friends that include,KatieB and Bud,is that not something,and there's more to come.

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Eric, I love your DC/VA reports. Keep them coming. We lived in northern VA for 18 years so I can picture most of your adventures. We never had your metro experiences, tho. Have you visited Arlington Cemetery? It's interesting and, as a northerner, I love the Robert E. Lee history.

Wish I could be there with you all. Please send pictures, too.


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Wow Eric - certainly seems like riding the Metro is an adventure! They were just building the Metro when I left and it was sorely needed. You could not find a parking space downtown to save your life, and had to park your car at Chevy Chase and take a taxi. Thank you for posting - those of us who can't be there will just have to see the Summit vicariously through those of you who are there. As for the rest of us -I hope some of us can be there next year for sure.

JudyMI - am glad to see you as I hope that means you are feeling better.

I am thinking about all of you and of course JudyKW, most of all.

Happy Friday everyone.


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