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Information on SAM


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Many of you (as I) was shocked to learn of Sam's death. Without warning, we lost a beloved member of this site. I have corresponded with Sam's step-daughter and have learned information and answers to many of your questions. With the family's permission, I am posting the following e-mail message I received from his daughter today...

My mom has been so touched by your messages. We feel like we know you.

Sam would talk about many of you also. I wish we knew how to do more on

the computer to let the people on this site know what happened to Sam.

Please feel free to tell others(post on the board) of the cause of his


On Sat. morning Sam was coughing. His cough was becoming worse in the

month of Dec.,and he was also feeling very fatiuged. He was taking a

nap in the morning. He woke up, walked out of the bedroom with a

massive bleed in his nose and mouth. All he could say was, "call 911." My

mom is a RN and did what she could but the bleed was too much. She was

with him at the very end, and it was very quick and hopefully painless.

She thinks he was gone before the ambulance left the house. The Doc's

think either the bleed (from a major artery) was from deteriation

caused by radiation and chemo or possibly from the aspergillosis becoming

resistent to the antibotics. This was VERY unexpected.

I'm going to try to teach my mom the basics of e-mail to stay in touch

with you and others.

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Thank-you so much KatieB. We feel so stupid when it comes to using the computer. I'm going to try to help my mom to learn how to use this thing, so don't laugh at our mistakes. Right now she is consumed with grief and all the legal mombo-jumbo. She really feels the need to talk. Thanks for loving "Samster" as much as we did. Ya'll are in our prayers.

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Thanks for the information Katie.

To Mrs. Sam-

My heart is heavy for you. I still cannot believe Sam is gone. You were married to a fine man. I am sorry that you had to experience Sam's passing in the way that you did. It must have been very difficult. Please consider the members of this board as your extended family and visit us anytime you need support.


Cheryl and Jack

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As he did for everybody on the board, when I was restaged to Stage IV, Sam was right there giving me encouragement. It didn't matter who you are, Sam always had the words to make you feel better about yourself.

We miss you Sam.

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Thank you for sharing and have a safe trip back to Florida. Maybe from time to time we can hear from you an how you are doing. I hope you taught your mom the basics of the computer so that she can visit us also. I think it would be a comfort to her to visit us here. We didn't know Sam in person but we knew him as a non visable friend with an abundance of knowledge. I am sure the members here would love to know your mom as we knew Sam and it would be support for her as well. There are several caregivers here that have lost loved ones and they still come her to talk and get support. So if you could encourage your mom to visit here that would be great...

God Bless


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Welcome Shirley,

I hate that you (any of us_ had to be here..._) but know that Sam was well loved and you are so very welcome here. You're not alone, we're always here for you.

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