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Mother's Day


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I thought it might get easier the second year, but I still feel stabbed everytime I hear a Mother's Day commercial. I'm going to focus this week on trying to remember the ways that my mom was a fabulous mother and try to be grateful for the years I had with her.

Special thoughts to Andrea, Denise and others who will spending their first Mother's Day without their moms.


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Susan - I wish there was something I could say to make this coming weekend easier, but I know there isn't. Eventually I know you will be able to focus on the wonderful memories instead of the loss, and how lucky you were to have her, but it seems to come in its own time. This will be the 14th Mother's Day without my mom, and I think I'm now able to focus more on the good memories rather than the fact that she is not here - but there is something about losing a mother that really changes us.



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(((Susan))), my heart goes out to you and all members who are celebrating Mother's Day without their mother's this year. Everyone has to find their own way to cope after losing loved ones and it sounds like you have found the way that will work best for you. I hope the day will pass gently and with many beautiful memories of the good times.



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Mother's day isn't like other days. It is exclusive to Mother's...and we all only have one. And so, there is no way to have the day not be tough in some way.

In some ways the second year is just as tough because the first is so about the first...the second is more reflective about what you are missing.

The amazing thing about the day is that is does bring me closer even though the years have passed.

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