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LUNGevity Social Media Summary 3/24 - 5/7

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Guest LCSC Info


LUNGevity Social Media Summary

March 24, 2012-May 6, 2012

Here is a review of some key stories and links that were featured on our social media sites:

• A Potential New Therapy for Cancer-Related Weight Loss http://ow.ly/abYvA

• Breathe Deep Bloomsbury is in the news! http://ow.ly/abYHZ

• "I left confident that LUNGevity can make a difference-it was an inspiring weekend. The 2012 HOPE Summit will be a ‘must attend’ event for me. I hope to see you there too." http://ow.ly/abYSV

• "Here's to the Cinderellas" by Jill Feldman http://ow.ly/abZ2W

• LUNGevity Foundation and Thomas G. Labrecque Foundation Host 9th Annual “Run as One” Event http://ow.ly/abZfn

• Could we improve the accuracy of CT screening by adding a blood test to detect lung cancer? http://ow.ly/abZlk

• LUNGevity representing lung cancer survivors at the Stupid Cancer conference in Las Vegas this weekend. We met Will Riser, writer of the movie 50/50 and talked to some young survivors about Hope Summit!

• Katie Brown from LUNGevity just spoke on a panel at Stupid Cancer OMG2012 conference!

• LUNGevity Foundation is pleased to announce a new referral agreement with the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s LIVESTRONG Navigation Services. http://ow.ly/abZEY

• WOW! EHE International and LUNGevity Foundation Highlight the Hope and Promise of Lung Cancer Research at Rockefeller Plaza Window Display http://ow.ly/abZJX

• Setting up the NYC Rockefeller Plaza Window Display....this...is....HUGE! (Photo Credit Randy Elles) http://ow.ly/abZPf

• LUNGevity Hosts Inaugural Breathe Deep DC Golf Classic, May 7, 2012. http://ow.ly/abZUM

• “Waiting and Treatment Times” by Megan Giblin http://ow.ly/ac01M

• Be sure to follow us on Pinterest too http://pinterest.com/lungevity/

• "Today is a BIG day for me!!! Today, I celebrate 7 years cancer free post treatment! A huge milestone in survivorship!!" ~ Jamie Y. stage III B lung cancer survivor --NSCLC

[CONGRATULATIONS Jamie! We ♥ you!] http://ow.ly/ac07w

• Concluding Portions of Dr. Weiss’s “Highlights in Lung Cancer, 2011″ Program Now Available (Free Podcasts) http://ow.ly/ac0bs

• LARCHMONT, N.Y. – The Rotary Club of Larchmont will team with Broadway actor John Treacy Egan to benefit the LUNGevity Foundation. http://ow.ly/ac0gK

• So proud that LUNGevity has been nominated for a CLASSY Award- the category: Most Effective Awareness Campaign by a Charity. THANK YOU!!

The CLASSY Awards is the largest philanthropic awards ceremony in the country, celebrating the greatest charitable achievements by nonprofit organizations, socially conscious businesses, and individuals worldwide. http://ow.ly/axDGK

• Great story! Meet Cyndi and Jim Siegfried at LUNGevity Hope Summit in May. http://ow.ly/axDWe

• Quick and Easy: Run to Fight Lung Cancer http://ow.ly/axE3o

• Cheeseburger, Fries and a Reality Check, by Juhi Kunde http://ow.ly/axE6Q

• Read Eva's inspirational story. You can meet her at Hope Summit or at Breathe Deep Seattle 5K walk/run http://ow.ly/axEaM

• A great article from Lynne Eldridge, MD. You can meet her at Hope Summit 2012! http://ow.ly/axEdN

• Deerfield High School students battle it out with burgers http://ow.ly/axElh

• Combining Systemic Targeted Therapy with Old School Targeted Therapy (Radiation) to Address Cancer Cell Resistance http://ow.ly/axEnE

• Rockefeller Plaza Window Display April 2012 http://ow.ly/axEv1

• Deerfield Mayor Proclaims "Breathe Deep" Deerfield Day! http://ow.ly/axEOC

• "Simon’s ‘Flying Elephant’ books focus on living life to fullest" http://ow.ly/axLl4

• Question from the LCSC: What is the best thing your caregiver or loved one can do for you during your treatments?

• One of the topics at HOPE Summit is communicating with your caregiver (or family member) What helps you communicate effectively with your loved one?

• Thoughts?

How do you deal with friends who try to persuade you to look into different cancer cures, diets, religions, or therapies?

• Initial Presentations from Santa Monica Targeted Therapies Discussion: Drs. Rudin and Shaw http://ow.ly/axLzk

• Thank you to the Melting Pot of Nashville!

• Nominate a volunteer today for the Kay Barmore Volunteer of the Year Award. Email info@lungevity.org for the nomination form.

• Congratulations Breathe Deep Bloomsbury In Memory of Roberta Crisman !

• We love this! GREAT advice.

"10 Things to STOP Doing if You Have Lung Cancer." http://ow.ly/axLOL

• Alexis wants to save other "Grannies" from lung cancer. You can join her in the fight. http://ow.ly/axLRY

• "Community Rallies Around Lung Cancer Patient" BREATHE DEEP DEERFIELD: To Fund Lung Cancer Research http://ow.ly/axLWd

• Doubts Raised About Avastin’s Benefit in Older Patients with Advanced NSCLC http://ow.ly/aG5Rv

• It was announced today that about 13,000 runners participated in NYC and it was the largest 4mile run in the world! Thank you to:

National Lung Cancer Partnership

Memorial Sloan Kettering

Cancer Care

Bonnie J Addario

Uniting Against Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Alliance

for supporting the Lebreque/LUNGevity Run as One today benefiting LUNGevity!

• From the president of LUNGevity, "Time for HOPE and Movement" http://ow.ly/aG65M

• May begins LUNGevity's Lung Cancer HOPE Month. Share this page and spread our message. Ask your friends and family to "like" this page and share it too. Help us hit 10k likes by the end of the week and raise awareness about lung cancer! https://www.facebook.com/lungevity

• Repost from ASCO: "Tell Your Legislators to Support Funding for the NIH and NCI! Take Action Today!" http://ow.ly/aG7u6

• In honor of the month of May, Lung Cancer Hope Month, Miner Family Winery has partnered with LUNGevity to help raise awareness and money for the research into the early detection and successful treatment of lung cancer. http://hosted-p0.vresp.com/209116/a873d ... CHIVE#like

• LUNGevity has funded 87 research projects at 52 institutions in 22 states focusing on early detection. WOW. http://.ow.ly/aEuFI

• The Old Guy Walk is a charity walk across Wisconsin which benefits the LUNGevity Foundation. In remembrance of his mother who passed six weeks after being diagnosed with lung cancer, Rick Plamann joins us to talk about the walk. http://www.themorningblend.com/videos/148689745.html

• Monday, May 7 - Come out to the Breathe Deep DC Golf Classic!

Take a swing at lung cancer.

Fund life-saving research.

It's a hole in one. http://events.lungevity.org/dcgolf/index.html

• LUNGevity HOPE Summit starts today. Survivors from as far as Scotland are coming to Washington DC to celebrate HOPE and Survivorship. It's going to be an incredible weekend!

• There has never been this many survivors in one room...the entire reception was full of incredible survivors, newly diagnosed to over 16 years survivorship. It was standing room only at one point and was an amazing reception on the first night of LUNGevity HOPE Summit. Incredible sessions, speakers and a celebration of HOPE begin tomorrow!

• Hope Summit 2012 Alumni. The largest gathering of lung cancer SURVIVORS at a summit ever. An Incredible weekend! Join us in 2013. http://ow.ly/aKVZ0

Find us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/lungevity

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