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Wednesday's Air

Janet B

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well, I see the spammers are out in force. I hope karma finds them!

I am still in "Hope Summit Recovery"! I had an amazing time, but pushed myself to do everything, so this is going to be a "slug week" for me! I still have the farm, actually twice as much as usual because of field trips, but besides that I am allowing myself to just lie about on the couch with a book, my iPad, some crochet and a hot cup of coffee! no cleaning, even though it desperately needs to be done, and, in fact, I haven't even unpacked yet! Being a slug is made easier by the fact that it is pouring rain today, not even the dog wants to be out there!

So no news here. hard to have exciting news from the couch! I am praying for our Judy in KW. I hope she is peaceful.

how are the rest of you doing this fine day for a duck?? is it sunny and warm in your neck of the woods?!


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being a duck can be a good thing because your always quacking about something .... Remember that phrase it is important and you will see why very soon... Spammers beware we are never far away.....

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