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One last post for JudyKW


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I went back and read all of her emails and private messages she sent me over these many many years today.....I miss her...actually I've missed her for weeks now....but there's a finality to things now that sits so heavy in my heart......

She was always so supportive of me and Rick and everything we were doing...she was so excited when LCSC merged with LUNGevity, happy that I didn't take the E.D. job with the Ovarian Cancer Foundation, thrilled that I took the job with LUNGevity and talked to me everyday when Rick went into ICU for 6 days.....She was always among the first to remind me to BREATHE. :)

When I didn't understand how people could be rude or disrespectful, she was the one who messaged me and helped me work thru it, giving motherly advice and sharing her experiences, teaching me to practice patience and understanding. She had alot to share--and she did it in a wise and positive way--never condecending like some people we've encountered in our lives at one time or another.

I loved her.

When she entered Hospice and called me she was matter of fact...letting me know that it was my job to keep all of you up to date on what was going on. Down a checklist of things to do and say and how she'd like me to do it...

I did that--as soon as I learned anything and as tactfully as I could--as she would want me to.

But there's more I have to say. Something she would want me to tell all of you now.

She loved you.

Each and everyone of you.

You were her lifeline.

Helping people here at LCSC helped HER.

At times it gave her purpose.

She said that LCSC meant the world to her. And that means ALL OF YOU meant the world to her.

She would want you to post your airs and carry on your friendships but she reminded me (shortly after we lost NED) that the members here needed to remember the other forums, to sheppard in and encourage the newly diagnosed members to post, share, to become a part of this incredible family--which is not exclusive but INclusive of everyone and anyone affected by lung cancer.

She would want each of you to support them, in her memory, and in honor of everyone we've lost here.

She told me that we couldn't lose that....THAT is what makes the LCSC so special. That is why she continued to be so active after we lost loved ones here.

So take from this what you will.

I will honor Judy, my dad and all those we've loved and lost here the past 9 years by helping those that come after them...in the hopes that maybe with support, information, encouragement, friendship, education and access to resources that they will have a better chance to survive.

I will never forget you Judy Mitchell.

May your star shine brightly down upon all those who love and miss you. God grant you peace in heaven and peace and comfort to the family and friends you have left behind.

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Rip beautiful lady...you get back what you give..you will shine in heaven...I could picture helping all the lost souls find themselves...you lost the battle but never the fight...will miss you...


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RIP...KW Judy!!!

I'm sure she's sharing the "air" with all of our friends and loved ones that have gone before us. Can't you just see it now...lol??? She's probably bringing them all up to date on all that's been going on in our lives.

We will never forget you, Judy!!!

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I never posted regularly, but still Judy became such a big part of my daily life through her posts - and not just the daily Air, but her thoughtful and kind response to everyone who came here looking for support. She always knew just what to say and said it perfectly. RIP Judy, you made such a difference to so many.

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