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Wednesday's Air


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Good morning everyone,

I hope you had a great Tuesday and that Wednesday is looking up and well for you all too.

The weather here has been very warm (high 80s) and humid.... I've always lived here (minus about 2 years in England) and I've never liked summers in Texas- they are just brutal...but we have a boat now so maybe being on the lake will soften the heat a bit....It seems to work for Bud! but so does 100s of miles on the bike--and I'm not going to try that soon! HA!

It's been a really tough tough couple of weeks for all of us and I just wanted to give out a group Hug to everyone.

What's going on with you guys today?

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It's going to be hot here today too with highs in the 80s. Worked out this morning and still waiting for the boost of energy it is supposed to give me. . . . waiting. . . . I reallu want to put my head down on my desk.

Next week I will be heading to NC to spend some time with my father. I'm looking forward to that.


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Hello, everyone. It looks like central Florida has finally hit that time of year when we're getting caught up on the rain. From about 5:00 yesterday until late in the night, we got some pretty heavy rains. There were tornado warnings issued for the county that adjoins us to the north but nothing formed....thank goodness.

Let me share a story with you that has been making me crazy. I ordered a projection screen from an online company (1saleaday.com) two weeks ago. I needed this screen for a meeting I was having last Saturday. I paid for the screen to be shipped via UPS. Well, I have a home address and I have a PO Box address, which is also my billing address. These people goofed and used the PO Box address as my shipping address. I got a UPS tracking number after about 4 days. Then, USP said they had delivered the package to Melbourne, FL. They said that the post office would deliver it to my post office...etc. Well...to make a long story short, I still don't have my screen. UPS says they don't have which post office the package was delivered to, as the scan just says Melbourne, FL. My post office is being really helpful, but they can't find any record of anything, using the postal tracking number that UPS gave me. UPS says it is no longer their problem, as they fulfilled their obligation when they delivered to the post office. The seller (1saleaday.com) is of no help, since they don't even have a phone number. They have been communicating via email and telling me it will be 30 days before they can refund my money, since the package may still be delivered. At first, I thought SCAM but now, since there is a UPS tracking number, I'm not sure what's happening!!! Any similar experiences???

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well its finally come to an end,my last day in the USA,New York to be precise,I am sitting in a bar, not for the alcohol of course,its the free wi-fi.I fly out from JFK airport at 9.50pm tonight.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the superb organisation of the Hope Summit,it really did go off flawlessly,not forgetting bowling night and the golf outing,goodness me, we were spoiled rotten.Thank you all my LCSC buddies I at last got to meet,and the new friends I have made,you all contributed to the absolute pleasure of my stay,these past two weeks will remain in my memory forever.

My visit was occassioned with some sadness of course, with the most untimely passing of our special friend of JudyKW.I pinned so much hope in meeting up with her at last,but it was not to be.She leaves a gap which cannot be filled.It does reinforce rather than diminish my intention to continue to post into LCSC,(was that a groan I heard?).

I still have some pics to share with you of my visit,which I will post in when I get home.Best wishes friends,enjoy the rest of hump day? as Randy would have it.Bye.

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I can't give you any help with the UPS mix up Ann but, I CAN understand your frustration! I hope it all works out soon.

I got up feeling rested for the first time since the Hope Summit, made a long list of things that needed to get done and started right in cleaning out the cupboards. But, then my husband came home for lunch and we sat together for 2 hours chatting and listening to 60s music on Pandora. It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, but nothing got accomplished!! Oh well, life is short, cleaning is totally unimportant!

It rained all day yesterday, poured actually. Today started out rainy, turning into gray, and now the sun is peeping through. My garden looks happy and in tomorrows expected nice weather I will go to the garden center and get some more plants. It is still chilly, mid 60s.

Katie, the only thing I DID love about living in Texas was the summers!! I LOVE to be hot. Really hot, the kind of hot where the sweat beads up on your arms! The only part of the heat I hated was the going from 100 degrees outside to 65 degrees in the stores!

I am headed back to the cupboard cleaning, and maybe some reading on the deck, I hope you are all having wonderful days. Safe travels Eric, I am so glad we finally got to meet!!


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Good afternoon everyone. The weather here has been warm and sunny, although they are calling for possible afternoon thunder storms and so it is more humid that we normally are used to. The humidity really makes it harder to breathe. But we've got all the vegetables planted (with the exception of two peppers that have already died -- I never claimed to have a green thumb), and I sure do hope we get some nice tomatoes this year.

Ann, I have had several similar instances -- not due to a UPS / post office mix-up, but simply due to things not arriving at all, or arriving broken or with missing parts. I have paid for "overnight", only to have it arrive 10 days later - and no one ever takes responsibility (it's always the other guys fault) so the shipping costs are just down the drain. I always feel like I'm 000 when I order from an on line source that does not have a store front anywhere, and no phone number to call. I have to admit that so far things have come out OK in the end - even though it often took a month or more and a lot of frustration. I still do it, but if I'm am shopping for something a little more expensive I just buy it local and don't take the chance. I hope they find your screen.

Eric - I am looking forward to more pictures, and I hope you have a safe and uneventful trip home.

I may not be around as much as I'd like - one of my younger grandsons seems to have what they call a "sensory disorder" - he can't eat solid food. He can eat everything but it has to be pureed into a liquid he can drink. There is something about a blended piece of pepperoni pizza . . . Did you know they actually have "eating clinics"?? It was news to me - I had 3 boys and could never get them to stop eating. lol So he goes to the clinic three days a week and I am going to be doing most of the babysitting at their house for his younger brother. On top of the schedule I already had driving patients to treatment, a graduation trip coming up and an in-person support group I am trying out with another survivor, I am a little overwhelmed, and I still have to fit in enough time to keep up on the busness paperwork. I could use some of Eric's energy. I stop by everyday, but some days I'm so beat and it's so late I just have no energy left to type - but I will try.

Janet - took your suggestion and planted my own hanging baskets. So far they look great and were so much less expensive. I used to read a lot, but had gotten out of the habit. My kids went together for Mother's Day and got me a kindle. I wasn't too sure about the idea of not actually holding a book and turning pages, but so far I love it and can't imagine being without it. I'm planning at least one day this weekend to sit on the patio with the dogs and read.


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