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Update on my Best Friend


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Just wanted to give everyone an update of how my mother is doing. She is about to start her 4th round of chemo and is doing great. She lost her hair and gets a little tired but other than that she has been feeling great. She just got a ct-scan done and her lung tumors is now half the size and her other tumors are shrinking a bit. She will be starting radiation for mets on her back and bones and because it is so close to the primary tumor they will also be targeting that. She received Zometa one time for her bones and only got a slight fever the first night. She received the Nuelasta shot twice and she felt NO pain afterwards. She has truly been lucky with side effects and we are all very grateful. Now radiation is the new thing. I believe she will be going for about 10 to 15 times. Any information as to what we may expect? What are the chances of her tumors starting to grow once we stop chemo? Can they stay the same for a year or more? I am sending all my good thoughts to everyone.

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It is hard to say exactly what will happen over the course of time with treatments. everyone is different. When Deb went through Chemo her shots that she got and think it was steroids for energy actually got the inside of our 1300 square foot house painted with the energy she had from it!! everybody reacts differently so..

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