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Happy Friday everyone!

My boy graduates from 8th grade today....

Many of you knew him at age 5/6 when we started LCSC...He's been my sidekick and supporter throughout and now he looms over me and is about to go to highschool! I can't believe it! Time flies and we've all come a long way.

I wish my parents could be there today to see him.

What are you plans for the weekend? It's going to be crazy humid and hot here in the Dallas FTW area. My plan is to stick close to the air conditioner.

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Congrats to your son. You must be so proud.

Tonight is our community Relay for Life in Sorrento, FL. I intend to show my support for all we've lost and all of our valliant survivors.

Beautiful weather in Florida today.

Blessings to you all for a great weekend.

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Congrats Katie!!! Seems like just yesterday my boy graduated from 8th grade, and now he has graduated from college and lives 2 hours away, cherish these times. I also remember the day I realized he had grown taller than me, kinda scary right??? Makes yelling at them a little silly!

I worked like a crazy person in the garden yesterday. Then of course I paid for it by sleeping until 11:30 today! I just got back from my 100th visit to the nursery (I think we will be eating pasta for the rest of the month, however my friends who own the garden center will be having lobster!) I am headed out to the garden again. I guess I AM getting some excersise this week! Gardening requires a lot of squatting and standing. I have a robin that hangs with me while I dig. I reward him for his beauty by feeding him all the worms that I dig up. We have quite the friendship!

Busy weekend in the yard planned, there's quite a bit of bush trimming, tree removal and clean up that has to be done by my husband, but he only does it if I stand over him with a whip. I call myself the Foreman of Yard Work. He wants a raise!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone, do something special for yourself!!


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