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Wednesday's Air


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It's the middle of the week! Yeah for thos of you at work, you are closer to the weekend! And the holiday is soon on us! R has 1/2 day off Friday and all day Monday. What am I going to do with him? LOL.

My LAST chemo treatment is tomorrow. Paulette, the pain doctor gave me an analogy that I could relate to. He said to imagine I'm in a canoe going down the river. No matter what, I"m going to follow the current down to the end of the river. I can choose to fight the current, and expend all my energy that way, but still end up at the end of the river, or I can sit back and just allow the current to take me. Either way I'm going to end up where I'm going to end up. The end of the river for me is the end of chemotherapy. I feel better with what he said. Maybe I just needed someone to give me permission to let it go and relax? I don't know.

It's beautiful here today. The humidity is blessedly low, and it will get to 80 today! Then to usher in summer, the holiday weekend promises temps in the 80s and even 90s!

Our plans for the holiday weekend are to just keep it simple and enjoy whatever comes our way. No agenda this year. I would love to take a ride up North! There's a little shop in Traverse City, which is 3 hours North of us, that has gazillions of hats I've been told! I'd love to go check it out! I didn't lose all my hair this time, but it's quite thin. I'll be wearing hats for most of the summer I think, and that is fine with me. So maybe a day trip? We'll just have to see!

Have a good day.

Judy in MI

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Good luck with your final chemo tomorrow. I will be thinking of you! It takes a lot of courage and strength to go in for each round. I wondered each time where I found it in myself to do it. You are strong and this will be your last one! Yay!

I loved your picture of the herons nests. We had one on our pond at our cottage a few times and I see them fly out of the woods/swamp across the road from us here at home. I saw one catch a fish once at the base of a dam on a river in Ohio. I have never seen them nesting.

Traverse City is such a beautiful spot! If you are up to it, it would be worth the drive. All the gorgeous views along lake Michigan always heal my spirit. I will be further south, between South Haven and St. Joseph. My husband is going to lay ceramic tile and I am going to relax and enjoy the warm weather predicted. I will also go somewhere close by where I can see that big, blue Lake Michigan.

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Even though it's not Friday yet, everyone here at work seems to be in a great mood today. I think everyone is looking forward to next week and a four day work week. Funny how little it can actually take to make employees happy !!!

It's really hot here on Florida's Space Coast today. When I went out at lunchtime, I realized that it's already way too hot to be wearing black jeans. I guess it's time to pull out all the thin fabric slacks that make summer somewhat bearable. We have two air conditioning units in our office and one of them was down on Monday. Luckily, I was on the end of the building with the working air.

We don't have many big plans for the weekend. On Sunday, we're attending a family BBQ and on Monday we're attending a memorial service for a friend that passed away a few months ago. He was a veteran and his American Legion Post is honoring him by placing a flag at the grave site and hanging his photo in the Post. Bob was a wonderful man and this ceremony will make him smile down on us all.

MI Judy....so very happy to hear that your nearing your final chemo treatment. I think you should make the drive and buy yourself a very special hat in celebration!!!

Paulette...I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend. I would certainly like to bottle up some of this warm air and send it to you!!!

Ann in Florida

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WHOO HOO for your last treatment JUdy in MI!!

Thank you everyone for your suggestions about my crazy eye symptoms. It did make me feel so much better. I hesitated to tell my doctor because last summer I had a seizure and they wouldnt let me drive for 3 months. Now, with summer here, no kids left home to be a chauffeur and a brand new yellow beetle, that would be HORRIBLE! Anyway, I told my APRN 'off the record" and she said we would just keep an eye on it.

It is beautiful out today, but I have been inside cleaning all day. Headed out to the stores now for some little odds and ends and then hopefully I will finish up my book on the deck.

We are supposed to be having rain today and tomorrow and then a nice weekend, I hope so. I have all 3 kids and 2 boyfriends (my daughter's boyfriends, not mine :wink: ) and it will be so much nicer if we can be outside for meals and yard games.

I live in a "summer town" and my road is right off the road to the beach. You can tell summer is almost here because the traffic has doubled and getting out of our side street will be hard for the next 4 months. That and the line at the grocery store! I try not to complain, I get to live here all year long!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone


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