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Yes it is Saturday of a HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!!!! Whooo Hoooooo!!!!! I will be honest that when Judy in KW got so sick and stopped starting the daily air, it depressed me. Sometimes I'd start it, but when only one or two responded, that too was discouraging. At the same time, it was awesome to see new "regulars" emerge and occasional "oldbies" come back.

And on those days when it was just Judy in KW and Judy in MI, we joked that it was our own daily text to each other on how we were doing. Seeing Judy eeking out as much as she could out of every day encouraged me and helped me as I began my second journey with lung cancer. I so needed that encouragement. So when Janet, and Diane started opening the windows it was awesome. And since then, many of our old friends have wandered back here to open up and share. I just want you to know how much I enjoy getting even the smallest peek into your daily lives.

And if all you do is come in and give a weather report? LOL . I'm a weather kind of girl. I love imagining your life and your world wherever you are! Today it is very gloomy and looks like it's going to storm. The temps are heading to the 90's they say as a warm front moves in. I do enjoy a nice stormy and rainy day. This time of year it is welcome for the farmers that live all around me and since I enjoy the vegetables and fruit that their fields yield, I am happy for that!

So with that I have opened the window a little bit today! How is it going in your neck of the woods?

Judy in MI

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sunny hot and humid today.. I always read but selectively post ... I also am here lot of the time !! :mrgreen:

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Hi JudyMI,

I agree about posting here,I do enjoy reading the daily posts,days that have no daily posts are just not the same,even though thats partially my fault for not posting either.Some days because of routine,I dont have much newsworthy to offer so I may not post,however even on those days,someone else may post something that inspires me to reply.

This beautiful weather in Scotland continues,temps towards the eighties,where you would take that for granted in the USA,we here have to relish this while it lasts,as the rain can return at the drop of a hat,eg, if you have an intention for inviting friends to a B.B.Q,say, next Saturday,its no use inviting them until at least next Saturday morning,to see how the weather is.

Well, at the bank this morning, clearing the bill on my credit card following my USA visit,like to do this timely before the interest charges kick in, LOL. Heading out to what I think will be a really enjoyable evening tonight,Quiz night, at the bowling club,our questionmaster, my buddy Bill, is famed for compiling some really difficult questions,so its thinking caps on,funnily enough my ability to answer correctly diminshes as the night wears on,do you think the Scottish medicine I take on nights out, impairs the brain cells?surely not?.

ABC tomorrow morning,then up to my sister Dots,we plan to take the grandkids to the local park for fun and games,provided this spell of weather holds,its looking good though.

I hope the sun is shining where you are,have a great weekend,bye for now.

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JudyMI - as I remember you had plans to enjoy your first post-chemo holiday with some special food - hope you are able to do that!

I've still got strep - but strangely I'm actually happy about that. I've been pulled in so many directions by so many people with so many problems that I now have an excuse to just say "sorry, can't do that now I'm sick". So I'm actualy looking forwarding to doing nothing this weekend but lazing around, eating whatever sounds good, reading a book on my new kindle and/or watching what Judy called stupid TV.

Weather report: Well I think we must have a lot in common with Scotland Eric. Right now I'd like to shoot the weatherman. We had snow last week on the hills around town - tons of rain, hail (ruined my pots), cold (had to dig out my sweaters and actually lit the fireplace last night). BUT the weatherman promised a sunny warm holiday weekend!! Well the weekend has arrived - but the sunny warm part hasn't shown up yet :( Hopefully it's just running late. LOL

Well back to bed - it's sure be nice if they were running some good old movies this weekend.

Take care all -


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Well, it started out rainy and cool (63 dgrees), but now the sun is starting too peek out and the temperature is rising. Earlier in the Spring I would have said 63 degrees was a warm day, but we have had mid-80's last week or so. It is funny how your perspective changes as the circumstances around you change. It is all in how you look at it!

We have the Senior PGA Tournament going on in Bento Harbor about 11 miles south of my cottage. I am sure they were not pleased with the rain. It is being held at the Harbor Shores Golf Club, a newly developed, Jack Nicholaus designed course nestled along the Lake Michigan shoreline of dunes and woods. It is quite beautiful. It is the first major event being held there. Eric must know a little about golf. Didn't the Scottish people invent golf? Or maybe my historical facts are confused. Anyhow, I don't play, I just enjoy

the lovely lanscaping and flowers.

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I forgot to tell everyone that I hope they find a way to enjoy the holiday weekend. I totally relate to not wanting to over schedule my time. I have my Kindle with me this weekend and plan to spend some time relaxing with it. Quiet is nice, sometimes, too!

My husband is laying tile in a large entryway porch. I told him he was welcome to work over the weekend, if he chooses, but he is not to stress me out by engaging me in helping him. I used to help on many of our remodeling projects. In fact, last Spring we hand unloaded about 400 paver stones for our patio. They weighed about 8lbs each. I did not know why my chest hurt so much as we did it. I did not know I was working with one lung. (The other being collapsed with lung cancer tumor). It was before my diagnosis. I am one tough broad!

Have a great weekend,


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Hot as hell and very humid here. BUT I am playing 27 holes of golf tomorrow. No 'you are an idiot' remarks.

Went to the local farmers market today. Bought a great hanging basket, purple, yellow and white, really pretty. Also, got a sinful brown sugar pound cake. Ate one slice and wrapped the rest in slices and froze it. I have no will power.

As I am typing, the sky has gotten very dark and noisy.

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday weekend. Susan, you are one smart lady to tell The Man that you don't work on holidays.

Judy, keep posting.

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Ginny - your basket sounds beautiful!! Just exactly what I wanted . . . with Janet's advice I decided to plant my own this year so went to the nursery and got some really pretty purple flowers, yellow flowers and white flowers - so pretty :) My helpful hubby decided to surprise me and planted the pots himself and hung them all up on the patio. Surprise!! I now have a pot of purple flowers, a pot of yellow flowers and a pot of white flowers -- :roll: He says it's NOT just a "guy" thing and anyone else would have assumed I wanted the same thing -- I would love to know what the women out there think.

They are still pretty.

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I agree with Ginny, a guy thing. My husband would have had the best of intentions, but would have potted them just as your hubby did. I am the creative :D one. My dad used to say,"Your mom plans the work and I work the plan." There are just some things the average guy sees only one way. Not outside the box. Of course, there are also some very creative guys out there, too. I just don't happen to be married to one whose creative vision matches mine. He has to be given direction and sometimes coaxed if I have my heart set on something being done a certain way.

But, I also agree with Ginny that you should learn to love them. It sounds like he went to a lot of effort and work to express his love for you. You can do the same by loving those baskets just the way they are. You can plant them YOUR way next year.

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