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Monday Air is WHat is Most on My Mind


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Yesterday, after some good history lessons from friends here, I learned the history of the Daily Air, how it originated and other fun facts. And since this Daily Air has been such a quiet place for a while now, I thought I'd try to try something new! This is what I wrote yesterday:

"I've been thinking about maybe starting fun "theme" days here. It does not have to be organized in any fashion, and if someone does not want to play, obviously they don't have to! But a theme day would be a day that starts out with, say for instance, Monday. The theme would start with a M. Tuesday a T, etc., etc., some ideas I had were Most on My Mind Monday (MOMMM), Tolerant Tuesday, Wondering Wednesday, Thankful Thursday.

I'd stay away from the weekends because we all get so busy that it's just a crap shoot (oops) of who comes in here. And the beginning word does not always have to be the same one! The more creative you get the better!

The theme can be crazy, fun, hilarious, touching, and everything in between because there are NO RULES!"

Today is a holiday in the USA so I think most of us are out in the sun playing, but I'm not so I thought I'd start!

Most on My Mind on this Monday is that it is Memorial Day. A day to thank and honor those who are still with us that served to protect our freedom and those who are no longer here as well. Thank you to all men and women that gave of themselves to step up and do this.

After honoring our Vets, we celebrate our freedom. Around here planting the summer flowers are big today! We think we are done with frosty nights and can safely plant what we want in our gardens and that is something we look forward to every year.

This year fireworks were legalized in Michigan, so I think tonight will be a loud one! We live next to a large public lake that has lots of homes on it, and I'm expecting a lot of joyful noise! Bring it on. Randy loves anything that goes boom and bursts into flame so that may be on our agenda tonight as well.

And of course the barbecue. We have a couple of big old steaks in the refridgerator waiting. I made some good old fashioned potatoe salad, strawberry shortcake and jello with fruit in it. Didn't want much that took heating up because it is 92 here now and humid!

Fun and celebration is most on my mind today. And we are about to go for round two of that right now!

Judy in MI

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Love the fireworks Judy!! - but am glad they are not legal here (although that doesn't seem to stop some people) because one of my dogs is just sooo terrified!! We've actually had to put him in the car a time or two and drive far enough away to get out of the sound.

We went to the VA cemetary today and took some flowers -- it is up on top of a hill in the trees and is just beautiful with all of the flags lining the driveways and in front of all the markers. It is so pretty and peaceful. We are grilling chicken and taking it and the rest of the meal to my son and his family's. The kids are sick and normally I wouldn't go near, but they already gave it to me so what the heck! And what is Memorial Day without strawberry shortcake? I could however really go for one of Janet's lobster rolls :)

I love Memorial Day because of the significance of the holiday - but it is also the "opening 3-day weekend to summer" and all the things I love to do.

I think your idea to liven up the air is a good one, and I will try to participate as much as I can. I remember when i first joined toward the end of 2008 I didn't take much notice of the "just for fun" forum. By the time I came out of my treament "fog" I do remember seeing some of the airs - and although I seldom posted I do remember the first "bus trip". I know most people are on FB, and I could try to get more involved but I just don't have time to "do" FB. I've left my page up only to occasionally find out what my grandkids are up to and sometimes I think I'd be as happy to stay in the dark :)

Hope it's a good day for everyone.

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Most on my mind = missing.

My Father

My Mother

My 2 sisters

and mostly my dear husband.

Only Earl served in the service - Air Force. He served during the early part of Vietnam but never left the states.

I think the saddest part of today is remembering that so many of those killed in war are young, way too young.

We had fireworks last night, bang, bang, bang for what seemed like hours. Earl used to laugh at me when we went to fireworks. I said WOW at each boomer. I am like a little kid with fireworky holidays.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

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Most on my mind? Trying to find a place in the middle where I can enjoy some of the pleasures of summer without wearing myself out.

I did the grilling today. BBQ babyback ribs on our low tech charcoal grill and grilled corn on the cob. In my "quiet time" after chemo I had lots of time to watch daytime TV, which included cooking shows. I actually learned a lot. I thought I knew how to cook before, but the ribs and corn today were the best I ever made. It is amazing how much there is still have to learn. A.nd now I have some time to do it. I will try to use my time wisely and enjoy some things I took for granted or did not pay attention to in my life. Enjoy the little things along the way and listen to the wisdom out there. You can teach an old dog new tricks when the old dog will admit it does not know everything and wants to learn.


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I hear Ya Ginny! I have a shorter list but miss my honey and my pops...

Hope everyone had a nice day though.... It is hard but we soldier on !!

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Ginny, yeah, I understand that too.

Sue, I loved your post. "And now I have some time to do it. I will try to use my time wisely and enjoy some things I took for granted or did not pay attention to in my life. Enjoy the little things along the way and listen to the wisdom out there. You can teach an old dog new tricks when the old dog will admit it does not know everything and wants to learn"

Amen, though I would hardly put you into the 'old dog' category. What delights me about life is that we can always learn new things. We never stop learning. It's part of why it stays so fascinating! Yeah.....

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Well, the holiday weekend is almost over. The weather here in FL was awful, but if put in the context of hurricanes, it could have been much worse. We just got a lot of rain.

I have just started 6 cycles of chemo (carbo/taxol) as followup to my endometrial cancer. This is my 3rd chemo "experience" and definitely the worse. Really sick the first 7 - 8 days and then felt moderately awful. I'm thinking it's the neulasta injection I had the following day.

Most on my mind: Will my hair fall out on Wed. or Thursday.



Thanks, Judy, for starting a game again.

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Muriel, I have a friend that had breast cancer, and then cervical cancer and then colon cancer and now breast cancer again. When she asked her doctor why so many, he said "You just have a lousy immune system".

The good news is she is still here to talk about it.

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