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Diagnosis and Staging of Lung Cancer


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The Diagnosis and Staging of Lung Cancer

Tze-Ming Chen, MD, FCCP

Staging is an assessment of the extent of spread of the tumor, including spread to lymph

nodes and metastasis to other parts of the body. Determination of the stage involves

obtaining information about tumor sites from tests that may include combined positron

emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT), endobronchial

ultrasonography guided fine needle aspiration, endoscopic ultrasonography guided fine

needle aspiration, electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy, mediastinoscopy,

thoracentesis, video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, and CT or ultrasonography guided fine

needle aspiration.

The current system for staging non-small cell lung cancer is the tumor-node-metastasis

(TNM) classification, which includes assessment of the tumor (size and effect of the tumor

on the surrounding lung tissue or interaction with non-lung tissue) (T) (Table 1), the extent

of spread of lung cancer to lymph nodes (N) (Table 2 and Figure 1), and the presence or

absence of metastatic spread of lung cancer outside of lung tissue (M) (Table 3). The tumor

stage of non-small cell lung cancer ranges from localized disease (IA) to widespread disease

(IV) and provides information about expected prognosis and survival (Table 4).

See pages 7-9 for tables and figures.

MORE: http://lungcancercap.org/choices/pdf/1_ ... 052312.pdf

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When I first heard 'stage 4', 'inoperable', 'incurable', and the stats...I was beyond freaked especially when I read over and again the stats and lifespan percetages. Now that I have settled down and have perspective...

Yes, I have cancer

Yes, I will die from it someday.

But not today.

(borrowed from a post elsewhere on here)

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