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Update on Mom


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Well, it's been a very trying few weeks. Just prior to New Years mom was diagnosed with mets to the brain. We actually took her into the hospital 2 days after Christmas. Her potassium level was so low, the doctors couldn't fiqure out how she had survived. She made it through the hospital visit, only 3 days. Upon following up with her oncologist, and an MRI, he determined brain mets. Mom had 8 radiation treatments and things were looking up. On the day of her 9th treatment, she refused to go. She was also supposed to see a renal doctor, because she is swelling so bad in her legs. Well she never made it to those appointments. As of yesterday, mom was admitted to a hospice unit. Hopefully they will keep her a few days and then we can care for her at home. I know the end is near and just want her to go peacefully. I want to thank everyone for there kind words and prayers.

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Guest cbysea1

Dear Jennifer,

I really feel compassion for you.My daughters are taking care of me,along with my husband.I know this is tearing them up.But they are brave and upbeat all the way......when near me.

I am sure you have been a wonderful gift of love to your Mom.

I pray that she never suffers any more pain than a kiss from you can't handle.

Cheryl_Child of God

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