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Clinical Trials and Emerging Therapies for LC


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Clinical Trials and Emerging Therapies for

Lung Cancer

Rebecca Sipples, MSN, ACNP, AOCNP and Emily Duffield, MSN, ANP-BC


Clinical research is being done to develop new lung cancer treatments. Some newer treatments are commercially available, and others are available only to patients who participate in clinical trials.

Targeted therapies may pinpoint specific molecular changes to prevent tumor cells from dividing out

of control. Traditional chemotherapy may attack any rapidly dividing cells, but targeted therapy concentrates on specific abnormalities unique to cancer cells, resulting in fewer side effects and potential for improved cancer control. Targeted therapies may be used alone or in combination with other treatments to improve overall care. However, targeted therapies often apply to a select group of patients who have tumors with unique mutations, and these therapies are not appropriate for all patients. Current research is being done to evaluate the best use of these newer targeted agents to improve quality of life and longevity of patients.

Additional new treatments for lung cancer include vaccines and immunotherapy. Researchers and clinicians are hopeful that these therapies will improve outcomes for patients diagnosed with lung cancer. Despite these new treatments, chemotherapy remains an important treatment option, and researchers continue to evaluate newer chemotherapy agents to treat lung cancers. Other areas of research include targeted agents and chemotherapy for lung cancer maintenance (prevention of

relapse) and medications to prevent lung cancer (chemoprevention) in patients at high risk for

developing this disease.

CLINICAL TRIAL MATCHING SERVICE http://www.emergingmed.com/networks/LUNGevity/

MORE on this ARTICLE: http://lungcancercap.org/choices/pdf/6_ ... 052312.pdf

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