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All clear for once.


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Celebrate NOW! This is a GOOD THING - OKDebi will bring the Cherry Garcia and we ALL have a reason to take a break from the Chub Club and enjoy Calories 4 Celebration!!


Prioritize, important things first...PARTIES are very important! Spoons up to you!


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I've NEVER had a large party in my bathtub, mine is FAR too small as it bearly holds MY behind and I have to bend my knees... Besides, when having a bigger tub while on vacation and being able to bathe with hubby, he has to wear sunglasses due to the WHITENESS of my skin (kinda like snow blindness) since I have been banned from tanning beds and told to avoid the sun... (I burn pretty easy and thought the tanner the way to go to look less like a vampire, for cryin' out loud.)

I'm all for the ratty robes, fuzzy slippers and Ben & Jerry's celebration, though! I'll even polish my toenails for that! :wink:

Always looking for happy news, have far too much icky stuff going on in life right now (not MINE, just those touching mine...)

SOOOOOO....OFF with the flippin' "office attire" and on with the pajama party! Where IS that Debi girl with the ice cream?? (Don't tell Ry, she'll surely put brakes on the binge...but MAYBE, if we can get a punch bowl and put Bobmc's floating face in it, she'll join in....)

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