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Friday's Air


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Well, as I said when I posed some new ideas for the daily posts in the Just For Fun forum, the days of the week can have fun topic focuses, such as Thankful Thursday. Wondering Wednesday. But that is not to say we don't still do the AIR. I consider this the daily AIR only with a little different twist on it.

I hoped the new twist would get people posting again. I continue to hope that it will. But the weekends are three days off from the days with funny names LOL. So it's finally Friday for those of you out there working. Yeah for that huh? Hey! Wait! Did I just name it Finally Friday???

It's very cold and gloomy here today. That is okay with me. I enjoy sweatshirt days interspersed once in a while between the warm sunny days of summer. I like the variety!

It is graduation time here, as it is everywhere. My cousins' party is tonight. Randy's business partner's son's is tomorrow night. Next weekend is our neighbor's boy's party, and a business associate's daughters' party. And we have one more the followng weekend that I can't even think of who it is. The good thing is these parties are really for the kids, so we get to pop in, drop off a card, say hi to the parents and the kid, grab a light plate of food, and get out of there! LOL.

Next week I will see my Onc. again. We will start talking about the side effects that seem like they will continue even after the chemo is done. I know my hearing was damaged by the Cisplatin. The ears still ring LOUD. I'm sure he will wait before ordering the tests and deciding if the damage is temporary. There are some neuropathy issues that haven't gotten better too. There are a couple of other issues too, but we'll talk to him and deal with them one at a time as they need to be handled.

In the mean time, IT IS JUNE 1!!!!! It is, for me, the start of a new month, but also the start of my new life post chemotherapy. Amen to that! Even if it hurts, today I start to put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, moving towards the new me, whatever that looks like. I've been keeping a large spreadsheet of all of my medications where I could mark when I took them, and keep track of them all. At one point I think there were about 32 medications in all.

As time has gone by, those meds have been removed, one at a time as well. There are still some to keep track of, but much less than before! So I did my last spread sheet yesterday! I have a cute little pink notebook that I will keep with me so I can note the things I am taking that I need to be careful with, like pain meds. Other than that, I am good to go! It's awesome.

I am starting an exercise regime today too. It's not much, but it is a start. That is what we have to do right? I hope to begin pulmonary rehab soon, and that will kick start the serious exercise and hopefully getting me off of oxygen. But if I can't get off the oxygen, I am okay with it now. It no longer bothers me what people think when they see me. I don't care. I can still have a lot of fun and I don't even realize I have it on now! So, while I hope, I won't be crushed if I can't.

No matter who the new me is, it's going to be wonderful. Life is wonderful. Change is just a part of it.

Oh, and no raccoons last night! LOL. I locked the dogs inside, but I would have heard them going insane if the critter got on the deck and I didn't. So maybe we decimated that family? Who knows.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.

Judy in MI

(I'm thinking of Judy's family at her memorial today, but who of us isn't. Judy is up in heaven hoping we are celebrating the beautiful person and life that is now hers there. Amen to that. )

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I'm one of those working gals that's definitely glad that it's Finally Friday!!! Usually, I'm counting down the days, hours and minutes until Friday arrives but this week hasn't been too bad since Monday was a non-working day for me. Next week will be wonderful, as I will only be working two or three days, which is even better.

I think a lot of you remember that I had jury duty a little over a year ago and I was selected as a juror on a murder case. Well, I could hardly believe it when I got the mail and had been called again. I can only hope that I am not selected!!!

I'm thinking of our dear KW Judy and her family today!!!

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Judy, we had a family of racoons in our chimney for over a month. I got quite attached to them. I of course never saw the babies, but I could hear them crying for their momma when she was out, and I could see the Momma sitting on the top of the chimney sunning herself on sunny days! Of course, now that the babies are grown and gone, we will have to have the chimney cleaned and capped before anyone else moves in!

Ann, you can get called back for jury duty that quickly

in Florida? here in CT, once you have served, even if only for one day, they cannot call you back for 3 years.

It is a perfect day here. I spent the ,morning at the farm and the afternoon at the lake. Now I am home to garden a little bit before I go out to a bluegrass concert at my church tonight. it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow, I don't mind, I need a day to be stuck inside and get the cleaning done!

Thoughts of are course with Judy in KWs family today. Judy would have loved my farm today, so many babies there!

have a fantastic finally Friday everyone!!

Oh, and if you are new on this site and reading these posts, why not stop and post a Hi! we would love to get to know you!


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Hi Ann! I always smile when I see you back here! I remember the jury duty like it was yesterday! If you do get selected, maybe it will be for this case that is so fascinating that you can hardly wait for it to start! (hope, hope, hope, hope). :D

Janet, hope the concert is fun tonight! Thanks for remember to invite the newbies in here. For some reason they don't stop in, and I wish they would. I remember when I was new here, and I saw this daily post, and I wondered if I could just post there. I kind of thought it was like a club of sorts. But I'm like a bull in a china shop, so I just stopped in and began to make friends! I hope others know they can do that. In fact, I try to mention that to someone new when they first post. This forum is a nice way to get to know people, well.....that is more than two or three people post that is.......

I'm going to continue to give my new ideas a chance to take hold here. If one day I finally am so discouraged that I decide to stop trying, I will be doing a final post just to let those that do care know why it's not happening anymore.

Right now I feel like we just should because Judy would have wanted us to. I won't say anything more about it than that for now.

Judy in MI

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It's finally Friday and I've been busy as a bee. We have company coming in from New York tomorrow to stay for a week and more coming Wednesday for a couple of days. We will have both my husband's sisters and their husbands here at our house at the same time for the first time since we've been married (30 yrs). On Sunday we're having a cookout - 25 - 30 people will be here. Oh my! I may be looking for a quiet place to hide. lol

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


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I was actually out in the fresh AIR today. I stayed in most of the week, but decided it was time to venture out. It was drizzly or pouring rain all day, the same weather that is headed Janet's way tomorrow. I did some "unshopping". I admit to sometimes doing some recreational shopping. I always keep my receipts and keep the price tags intact. If I do not use or wear it in a month, back it goes. I also needed some household cleaning products. I ate lunch with my husband ( he works about a mile from my favorite shopping center) and ended the day with my grandson and youngest daughter stopping over for a visit. We watched movies, ate a cheese, cracker, broccoli and dill dip plate I threw together and finished off with key lime pie I had made earlier in the week. I am now sitting in my husbands pickup while he and a buddy cut stair stringers in his shop. It is about 9pm and we are going to grab a sandwich before we go home. This is a late night out for us.

Hope you all have great weekends!


Have a great ret of the day!


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