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Sunday's Air


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Good morning,

It is 73 degrees here in Central Ark and supposed to get hotter. Here where I live in the country, I awake many mornings to the songs and chirps of the birds. I would go and sit outside with a cup of coffee but we have such a spider problem this time of year, that it ain't happenin'. Many of you know how I feel about spiders, lol.

My plans for the day is to get my clean clothes folded and put away, get some towels washed, dried, folded, and put away, and maybe work on the baby blanket for my niece (her baby is about 3 months old now!) So I am making him a blanket to put on on (or in)his crib or toddler bed. I am also colloring some posters for his momma to put on his walls. And of course computer time and FB, lol. All in all not much as my plans don't always work out like I want them to.

But that is okay, the day has started well, so I am taking advantage of that.

Whats the day starting out to be in your neck of the woods? Hope it is a great and blessed day for all of you.

See you in the funny papers.



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Good Evening Everyone,

Home at last,its been a hughly busy few days,the good thing its been just super.Liverpool on Thursday,the Roy Castle Lung Foundation Award ceremony,it was held in a conservatory in Stanley Park,a beautiful location,lovely sunny evening,they actually had out a red carpet to welcome the guests,pics to follow of course,there's no escape for you LOL.I think there were over 200 guests,we had a lovely meal,cabaret and a TV celeb MC ( well he was a TV celeb in Liverpool).Award time,these were for 9 different categories,best corporate sponsor,best team,best fundraisers,best volunteers,physical challenge award,retail supporter award,inspiration award,ambassador award and unsung hero award.Having listened to each nominee's biography I guessed nearly every one of the eventual winners,but certainly not my own,I was chosen for my category unsung hero,I did'nt even prepare a speech,I promise you,so it was given,off the cuff,think it went down OK.So I an home with a A4 size framed certificate and a smaller version sandwiched between two sheets of glass.I am now a dog with two tails.

I stayed in Liverpool all day Friday to do some sightseening,never been to this city before,I took the bus tour around the city,by co-incidence the olympic torch was passing through there at 5.30pm,I enjoyed watching it being paraded through the city,watched by thousands of others,it was a great occassion,the torch will pass through Glasgow next Saturday,I will be there.

I arrived home on Friday at 11pm,tired off to bed almost immeadiately,I have to be up and out by 7.15am,I have to board a coach at Viewpark at 8am,along with 300 + women,all bound for Millport,its the Noreen Davis Hikers and Bikers charity walk around the island ,yeah.Each coach,was designated for fancy dress of a country of the world,we had China,Mexico,Holland,France and the UK,our bus SUMO,(Susan and Maureen) they organise its decking out,register check,raffles,etc,they are absolutely brill in their organisation skills,ensuring we all have a great,safe time,they both appeared respectively as Prince Phillip and the Queen,Claire (the boss) appeared brilliantly as Dame Edna Everidge .At the end of the walk,we get dressed in our best bib and tucker to go to a pub which is reserved for our group,we have a meal,one or two wee drinks and the karioke machine,everyone had a splendid time. In the grounds of the hotel next door a hugh Marquee was set up for a wedding,the bride was an American would you believe, they invited our Prince Phillip and our Queen to join them in a celebratory drink and photo opertunity.

Today,its Jack's birthday,(7th)had a great day,BBQ and fun and games,soccer and water gun fight with all the kids there,I finished up absolutely soaked,but happy.

Enjoy the rest of Sunday everyone,bye.

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Good evening everyone! Beautiful day here in the mid 80's or so. We had a full day of fun with our new puppy "Sampson". He is an 8 week old sheltie. The little terror runs through the house chasing our cat "Randy". I'm so glad they are friends :)

We also spent time with family who just moved home from Virginia. Danny retired from the Air Force after 20 years of service. He says all he wants to do for the next few weeks is go out on the lake and fish....his favorite activity.

We're surrounded by a lot of farm land here so we have loads of corn popping up all over the place. I can't wait till it's ready so I can have plenty for the winter months around :) Last year I waited to long and it wasn't any good so I'm gonna make sure I don't miss it again.

Anyway, I'll pop in tomorrow and see what you are all doing!

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Hello everyone! I finally found a way to log on with my computer. I hope now I will be able to get on here with my cell phone too.

I have to admit it is really hard coming here sense Judy is gone but I do check in to read. I just wasn't able to post before now. I have missed you all and keep you in my prayers everyday.

Weather here has been good for the most part. Up until this past week our temperatures have been in the high 70s and low 80s and of coarse very low humidity. On Thursday it got up to 103 and then 102 on Friday but temperature dropped down into the 90s and tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 80s with a chance of rain. I won't complain. I never miss the humidity I had to live with in Louisiana and I can get by without the hundred teens we often have here in the summer time.

I have been very busy. A lot going on here. I started this party about a walk down memory lane and have been devoting a lot of time to it. The party will only last a couple of hours so I hope everyone enjoys it. If not I have enjoyed doing the research even if I have had to fight this computer all the way :x

I have kept up a steady exercise routine. I wish I could say that the weight is melting off but I have lost only a couple of pounds and maybe an inch or two here and there. The problem is all of that exercise makes me hungry and everything tastes so good. :lol:

I was kind of low this morning, thinking of so many in my life who have passed in the years past and recently. Still stunned by the death of my niece in November and her mom earlier last year. Then everyday I think of my Johnny and miss him and this morning I was thinking about my ex too. A couple of weeks ago we had the memorial for Jacci and that turned out to be the same day that Judy passed and my grandson's girlfriends dad passed the same day. It just can overwhelm me at times. Anyway this morning when I was already low I got a message from someone on my high school facebook site. A girl that was my neighbor for several years and who I worked with at the theater passed away this past week. She is one of the main people that I was so excited about seeing at our reunion. I am still looking forward to going but some of the edge of my excitement has been taken away. I guess when you don't see someone for over 50 years that is something to expect but it doesn't get any easier.

On the brighter side I did something last week that I never thought I could do. I have been told by many people that I should write something, a children's story for instance. Well looking out my window at the quail and other birds and some of the wildlife that come and go this close to the city of Redding got me to thinking and the first thing you know I wrote a story about the animals. Once I got started I couldn't stop. The words just kept tumbling in my head. Actually it came out pretty good. Everyone who has read it thinks so too so I guess I am not just tooting my own horn.

It is so hard to get a gift for my great grandchildren because they have everything and I am low income. This is something that I can give them that no one else has. I am happy about that.

Well it is getting late and tomorrow will be a very long day. After my exercise in the morning I will spend the day with a couple of other people putting up our things on the big cork wall in the recreation hall. After that I have to go to a couple of stores and see about getting a wall mount and a lock for the tv we had given to us. The last one we had was stolen and we don't want to take a chance on loosing this one too.

Oh well I came here to drop a quick note but I just always seem to find more to say.

Judy I am glad to see you posting. I really want to know how you are doing all of the time as well as everyone else. Diane there was something that you wrote yesterday that I wanted to respond to but it has slipped right out of my head. Anyway all of you stay safe and healthy. I will be back around when things slow down a little.

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