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My thanks to all of you


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Hi everyone! Many of you remember me I know and many are new here. I was just thinking about all the changes both good and bad I've lived through these past 3 yrs since Donald was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

One of my thoughts was about lcsc when I first joined here. I was so frightened and lost trying to care for my husband and trying to understand what was happening to him and why. I had no place to turn before since the doctors were useless in educating me. I remember my very first post here so many came to my rescue immediately. I remember reading all the heart felt words posted by so many and it brought tears to my eyes. The true feeling of knowing you "aren't alone" ....I just can't find the words to tell all of you how very much your friendship meant and still means to me.

My life has changed so very much since Don passed away. Moving from California all the way to a tiny little town in Illinois....oh myyyy what a change.

BUT.....I want you all to know that I truly don't think I would have ever lived through the experience of that enemy we call cancer without you!

God Bless each and everyone of you! You helped give me a new life! I love you all :)

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