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Nick C

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Something occured to me from another thread.

Some of you know that I am a church guy. Not a "bible thumper" but if I were called one, I'd say thank you. Now before you freak out that this is an evolution vs creationism post, it isn't.

It occurednto me churches evolve. People come and go. Some faces stay constant but they change as people. And so all of those things make churches (not the building, but the people) change.

This place is the same. And None of It is a bad thing. I remember times here where it's so scientific and type of lung cancer driven...I remember times where its all about good news and tests and optimism. I remember times where it is loss on top of loss and it's actually hardnto turn on the computer. I remember times where there is some of all of it. I remember when there are times where there is basically just calm.

And sometimes all those changes are reflective of the entire lcsc. Sometimes a thread...and sometimes that's reflected me.

5 and a half years later, I've evolved too. I'm not as grief stricken. I'm so focussed on my kids and loving them enough to make up for the love they didn't get to experience from my mom. My responsibilities in other areas have grown.

It's all ok. It's evolution. And everything this place has been, is and will be is all good.

And there is truly no place like it!

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