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Wednesday's Air.

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Weather dreich today,missed the gym,too many other things to catch up on,lung cancer support group meeting this afternoon,always a fun time.

I lost my internet connection this morning which is so annoying,contacted my ISP virgin media,got transferred to a guy in New Delhi,gosh the hoops he made me jump through,pulling plugs out here and there re-plugging them into different ports,eventually he tells me there is no problem with their provision,its my router thats broke?,well he has arranged to send me a now one,well its not really a router in his words, its called a "Super Hub" wow,seems he has also upgraded me from 10 something speed to 30 something speed at no extra cost to myself,double wow.Funnily enough,when I reattached my router everything is working fine now,as you can see,since I was supposed to be offline until my super hub arrived next Wednesday,I am so relieved.

Its open day at my bowling club on Saturday,so I have invited two of my friends to attend,free game of bowls,food and drinks,think they will really enjoy themselves.Downside, I have just discovered after making the arrangements with them,Saturday is Friends of River Kelvin Day,I had accepted an invitation to attend this event some weeks ago,and forgot its this Saturday,it starts at 11am until 7pm,its an outdoor folk music day,my friends the Morgan Lee Band are appearing with several other groups,there is canoe trips,wild food foraging walks,all kinds of stalls,food,drink,oh dearie me how do I get round this one,trying to figure out how I can attend both?.

I have received a lunch invitation from my former admin assistants Liz and Rhoda, its tomorrow,Bill is invited too,the colleges training restuarant is fully booked up until the end of term,so we are going to a super Italian one next door to the college,there goes the diet again.

Got to go,support groip time,bye, everyone hope you are having a great day.

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Absolutely beautiful day here in suburban Philadelphia, sunny, no humidity and high in the low 70's. Of course, I am in work, not on a golf course.

It seems like a lot of good news came out of last weeks meeting in Chicago. Hopefully, it can help our dear friends here.

I used to play MahJongg years ago. Stopped playing after I met Earl - MahJongg or love, decision was easy. Started playing again about 15 years ago, one every two weeks. Played for big $$$, $2.00. Stopped when Earl got sick. Just started again, it is really fun.

Does anybody play bunko? I am a game player. Addicted to both Lexulous and Rummikub on FB. Married a man who hated games. How did that happen? Fortunately, my two children inherited my game gene.

What is everyone doing today?

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Good Morning :) It's looking like beautiful weather today. I know we need rain here for the farmers, but I wanna take care of some gardening today so they can have it tomorrow, right?

We are enjoying our new sheltie puppy Sampson. Some of you have seen his pictures on FB no doubt. Working on the potty training with him is difficult so far. Someone told me to introduce him to a crate but after a few walk in visits there I closed the door and heard awful screaming. Apparently he got his little teeth caught in the metal grate door. :( We even thought a tooth came out. Not sure what to do now, so if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it. The scented training pads don't work either.

We bought another tractor this week LOL Many of you remember me as a California city gal and this country life sure is different. But, I love it here and never want to see California again.

Well, if I'm gonna get anything done I best scoot.....have a great day everyone :)

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