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Janet B

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Anybody out there today? I have noticed big numbers on the forums for visitors lately. if you are out there just checking us out, or "lurking" - please pop in any of the forums and introduce yourself or ask a question or just come to the air and tell us about your day!

I had a sad day today. As many of you know I volunteer at a rescue farm. It is impossible to not get attached to the animals, there are a few I am VERY attached too. Piper was the one I was most attached to. Piper the Duck passed away yesterday while I was at the Cancer Center. She was an amazing duck who was a vital part of our preschool and field trip programs. She happily let dozens of children pet her each day. She had a funny story as to why she was on our farm. Two boys, middle school aged I believe, took their mother's credit card without her knowledge, went on line and purchased duck eggs and an incubator! They hid it all under their bed and their mother was clueless until Piper started quacking!! Since they lived in an apartment, Mom said that Piper had to go, but since she was raised by two boys who loved her, she was a very sweet and friendly duck. I miss her already, as does her best "duck friend" Buttercup. If you have an animal friend, be sure to give it extra love today.

Yesterday was my infusion. I started at 9:45 and was done by 2:30, but then I had to wait around for support group at 5:30. I had big plans to go out to the roof top garden and read, but they offered to let me stay and hang out in the Barcolounger, which I did, and I took a nice long nap instead! I still got my chocolate croissant though!!

My support group, which is for lung cancer patients and their caregivers, has about 20 regular members, but the last two times we have had new patients join us. I am so glad they came so early in their diagnosis, it took me two years to go to group, now it, along with this site, are my best therapy!

I hope you all had peaceful days.

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So sad to hear about Piper the duck - it sounds as though she'll be greatly missed.

Janet, you are very lucky to have your support group. Here we have 1 head and neck cancer group, 5 or 6 breast cancer groups, and all I've been able to find is 1 general cancer group. I've considered going to the general group more than once, but get cold feet. I know that Stephanie was a member of a lung cancer group in Seattle, but she said she thought it was going to disband for lack of members. I don't know why they are so few and far between. Rare - just the LC funding.

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Well, my Labradoodle almost bit a child again. We were able to stop her, but this is the third time. We obviously didn't know this when we got her. She has been an awesome pet for two years. But now? I talked to my vet about therapy, and other options, but his experience tells him to tell us that we should put her down. He said we can try to find a home, but obviously we have to disclose the problem we have with her. The woman that grooms her has always said she'd take her in a heart beat. I have told her about the problem with the children, and she didn't seem to care. So I'll call her tomorrow.

The Vet says that most dogs are not traumatized before doing this. Some are wired this way and some are not. She has always been really sensitive. I can't have a dog I can't trust. There is no way I can risk my 60 pound dog biting another child. Three chances is enough. I am heart broken. Devastated.

WE'll see tomorrow. Maybe the groomer will still want her. THat is all I can hope for.

Judy in MI

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and if your groomer will take her you can still see and spend some time with her when you want I am sure... I have seen and heard of other and smaller breeds do this and it is out of the ordinary I think but... it would beat the alternative !! That is the important thing.

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I did not get this posted yesterday, but I had a pet incident yesterday too. My little (5lb) orange Pomeranian, Gracie had a seizure. She has had them before, but his time she stopped breathing. I was holding her after she fell to floor and stiffened up, but as I held her she went limp and her tongue was hanging out, she was not breathing, I thought she was dead, my husband took her and massaged her body and chest, after what seemed like forever, she started to make some gurgling sounds, and then after more time passed she opened her eyes a little. I was sobbing. She is only 5 years old. My older (10 years old) blonde Pomeranian, Annabelle is as healthy as a horse. I was not prepared to lose Gracie. And, again, someone is looking out for me. She came back. And she is back to normal today. My vet tells me those tiny little dogs have such problems because of the the inbreeding to get them that small. I was sorry to hear about Piper the duck and Judy's Labradoodle. Pets add so much to our lives!


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