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cancer has spread. dang it!


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I thought I had a stroke but the ataxia and movement trouble I have been having are because there is a 6cm by 4 cm tumor on the right back side of my brain.i had the MRI yesterday. The dr. said this changes my status from 2 to stage 4. I had an appt set, to see the onc. on 6/21, but that has been moved up to tomorrow at 9am. I am shocked, numb, scared and confused. After my surgery there was no particular reason to rush to the Onc. and I was told I was cancer free. . . . well, that is not true. the MRI shows that. At least this got me into the onc. office sooner. Wonder what will happen next.

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if only one tumor ask if Cyberknife is an option!!!!

try this link. If this is an option quite a few here have had the procedure with great success. Sue Shines 80 year old mom had it several years ago and is still NED !!! so it could help You hopefully. this link might give you some insight into the procedure!!

http://www.orlive.com/broward-health/vi ... cyberknife

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I had a tumor in the pons area of my brain in December '06. It was treated with fractionated stereotactic Radiation. In April 2011 I had 6 new tumors in my brain. I had Gamma Knife Surgery for them. Now it is June 2012, all my metastasis are stable and I am just now putting my feet up after a long, full, day.

When you meet with your Onc, he/she will have options for you. take notes, research them, come here to ask questions. I know it is scary to hear it is in you brain, believe me, I know, but they can do so much now and there are several options for treatment.

Please keep us updated



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I just want you to know that my prayers are with you. Randy and Janet have given good advice . Be sure to ask for all your options and hopefully they will quickly get you settled into a treatment plan that is just right for your situation. Please keep us updated and know that we are out here pulling for you. Getting in sooner rather than later is a good thing . ;)



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I will be thinking of you today as you meet with your oncologist. Ask questions and listen to your suggested treatment plan. Don't think too far ahead. Take each day as it comes. Treatment can be tough sometimes, but you do get through it. You are stronger than you know. There are many here for support. Let your loved ones help you.

I am also stage 4, have been through chemotherapy and am now doing well on a treatment that was not available outside of clinical trials when I was first diagnosed August 9th, 2012. It has been a miracle drug for me. I appreciate every day I have now. There is hope for you and you are not alone in this journey.


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